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Tattoo Dos and Don'ts With Ryan Ashley and Arlo | INKED

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Tattoo artists, Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Arlo DiCristina, share with us some "dos and don'ts" when it comes to getting a tattoo. From pricing, to preparing for your first tattoo, Ryan and Arlo give their perspective as tattoo artists on some popular tattoo topics.
Have you ever been guilty of any of these don'ts? Let us know in the comments!
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Man is bilingual, he can speak English and speak over women

by These To 4 months ago

I just went to write a comment then this guy interrupted me and wouldn’t let me.

by Richard Gutierrez 7 months ago

My god, she has so much patience with this guy.

by Ruth 7 months ago

for everyone wondering, they're husband and wife

by MGATRN I 7 months ago

Drinking game:
Take a shot every time he interru-
Him: Pheromones

by Mattafang 5 months ago

at first i was like aw he’s fine but then he spoke..

by Jeanna R 9 months ago

Just watching Ryan's face while she's trying to figure out what on earth her husband is going on about

by Joe 6 months ago

My god she is actually stunning. I love how her tattoos just hug her neck and put emphasis on her annoyingly perfect god damn cheekbones.

by skipskops 8 months ago

I got lost and confused every time he talked

by Kirstyn Phalen 11 months ago

They are now married an expecting a baby. Their dynamic is so weird

by Anna Walker 1 month ago

why he gotta interrupt her to literally say nothing at all 😂

by Caylene Genevro 5 months ago

Bro at least act like you’re listening and are intrigued by what your WIFE is saying

by Cyrene Parker 5 months ago

Ryan: have you ev-
Him:faramones Edit: my bad it’s pheromones and 6k LIKES !!!!! I’d like to thank my mom for birthing me and my mind for being so immaculate

by kailen brown 1 year ago

He looked like he was about to eat her hand, then came back to reality.

by PauseStompers 1 month ago

Man is like
"Ok bu-"

by Jason 2 months ago

I feel like someone told him to shut up after the first question because he didn’t say a WORD for the second thing 😂😂😂

by Sorcha O Regan 10 months ago

Do’s: let her talk

Don’t’s: talk over her

by Jay 1 year ago

Couldn’t he have just admitted before that he was too high for this, instead of putting everyone through this? Her, the crew and us shouldn’t have had to suffer, it happens, just admit it.

by Shana Lawson 8 months ago

I don’t know if it’s because of how high I am or how high he is at this point 😂

by Anthony H Arndt 6 months ago

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