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FLEE From The ANGRY Sharks! (Roblox Stranded)

InquisitorMaster photo 1 FLEE From The ANGRY Sharks!... InquisitorMaster photo 2 FLEE From The ANGRY Sharks!... InquisitorMaster photo 3 FLEE From The ANGRY Sharks!... InquisitorMaster photo 4 FLEE From The ANGRY Sharks!...

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by InquisitorMaster 11 hours ago

Light: gets chosen as shark
Jade: gets chosen as shark

it must be drake and jade

by Arianna Stuart 6 hours ago

No one :

Not even my sister :

Me : in every thumbnail they keep the mouth open-

by Lina 리나 Bun bun 7 hours ago

Oh my gosh I started dying when Alex as a shark she was literally surfing on the titanic lol

by Maggie Brady 7 hours ago

I laughed so hard when alex killed all of them at the same time
Imma ask who here watches zach's videos?

Love ya squad!!!!💛💛💛💗💗💗💙💙💙💚💚💚💜💜💜❤❤❤

Have a blessed day everyone

by josephine pinson 5 hours ago

There is a rumor going on if you say “The Squad” 3 times you get pinned by them oh well here goes nothing. “The Squad” “The Squad” “The Squad”

by Roblox4Life 7 hours ago

Zach: usually tries to spare/ protect Alex in games
Alex: purposely targets Zach

by Chloe Lam 7 hours ago

Light: Look a dolphin!
Me: Well, if you think of it, a dolphin is a smaller and friendlier version of sharks
So Light is kind of right
(I made a rhyme on the last sentence)

by 「シ xō_hālê ツ」 6 hours ago

The scene at is literally me when I find out someone ate my taco 😂

by Melania Pena 4 hours ago

The big huge thing there talking about is a face reveal of the squad

by Naruto Sandival 4 hours ago

Ok I have one question is there gonna be more episodes of high school bad boy cause it’s kinda a cliff hanger

by Ayesha Saeed 6 hours ago

Me: Sees that Alex shark is destroying the Titanic while light is vibeing


by SpringFoxy1985Gamer 4 hours ago

Hey Alex when are you going to continue your "can you keep a secret" roleplay?

by Val 6 hours ago

We all know zach alex and drake and jade are the cutest couples I've ever seen in my life

by Toasty OwO 6 hours ago

When jade blew Drake and Zack off the titanic I was laughing so hard 😂

by Rainbow puke 7 hours ago

Everyone : * struggling *

light : iM jUsT viBiNg

by Stxrrynight 4 hours ago

Alex: dresses sooo cute everyday

Me: stays in pjs

Also me: in pjs right now

Love your vids!

by maaedah adel 6 hours ago

Anyone realize that Zach was really quiet
Like if u noticed

by Gamer Punn 6 hours ago

At Drake is like "YOU HAVE NO MERCY ALEX"

by Bby Girl 7 hours ago

Jade: AHHHHH Alex: Noooooooooo Zack: OMG r you seris drak: I'm hideig dod

by LLALinda 7 hours ago

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