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Old documentary about vinyl records 1956

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Old documentary about vinyl records 1956

Inter-Pathé History photo 1 Old documentary about vinyl records... Inter-Pathé History photo 2 Old documentary about vinyl records... Inter-Pathé History photo 3 Old documentary about vinyl records... Inter-Pathé History photo 4 Old documentary about vinyl records...

Amazing! After watching this and a video filmed in one of the few modern pressing facilities I can see why my best recordings are sixty years old.

by Leonard Lakey 6 months ago

I love these old (historic) documentaries, always very interesting and this one is no exeption.

by steve double u 10 months ago

She was dead! Dramatic music and all !!! hahahaha

by Rafael Aguilar 1 year ago

That was a fun documentary, I think the woman at the end was dead!?

by Aaron Ornelas 3 years ago

Amazing documentary. Thanks a lot.

by seyo1964 3 years ago

Great documentary. Finally I understand how a record is made. It only took 46 years...

by C64 2 years ago

Thanks for the upload

by Tuna1989 4 years ago

full dynamic range... such a foreign concept to modern recording engineers. NeEdS mOaR cOmPrEsSiOn!

by fakiirification 4 months ago

"Mold" in my day was called the MOTHER and was silver plated in a anode diode matrix.

by nuqwestr 1 year ago

Legendary RCA recording team of producer Richard Mohr @2.50, and engineer Lewis Layton @2.55. They were running both stereo and mono tapes. One of the earliest stereo sessions.

by gotham61 1 year ago

thanks man,LOVE IT 🤗😍😊

by paul Getty 9 months ago

Thank you! Great video. Funny thing, at the point the video where it talks about all the music albums, , "the unusual" I have copies of all of those in the picture, except the Benny Goodman album! I was a bit shocked, at having so many in that picture, and also the wording of the announcer at that point. I would not call them unusual albums, or music... yet to think about it, some of them may really have been considered as such at the time of initial release.

by Denshi-Oji 1 year ago

Amazing how the phrase "high fidelity" (hi-fi) suddenly makes sense.

by Lou Fazio 3 months ago

This was oddly satisfying to watch

by dncrra 9 months ago

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