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Sacha Baron Cohen Returns at America's Worst Moment Yet - Weekly Weird News

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Sources, • Trump rally updates
• Sacha Baron Cohen returns
• Another botched painting restoration
• Durian
• Covidiots

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Internet Today photo 1 Sacha Baron Cohen Returns at... Internet Today photo 2 Sacha Baron Cohen Returns at... Internet Today photo 3 Sacha Baron Cohen Returns at... Internet Today photo 4 Sacha Baron Cohen Returns at...

Last chance to get our masks for charity - here ya go

by Internet Today 6 days ago

Just call “Male Karen’s” Karen. It’s will only infuriate a sexist male Karen more, this proving they are indeed a KAREN.

by Todd Marcum 6 days ago

Trader Joe's Karen is what narcissistic personality disorder looks like without a bad suit and orange spray tan.

by TotallyNotRedneckYall 6 days ago

A black person would have died in police custody for "disturbing the peace." Why isn't Karen behind bars?

by St0rm Ranger 6 days ago

Because they never had an excuse to freak out like this in public and now that they have it they're going to make use of it. And most of them are hypocrites cuz they're more than willing to impose their own ideas and Lifestyle on to you, but if you try to make them wear a mask and change their lifestyle (for the betterment of mankind) they go APESHIT.

by Victor Flores 6 days ago

"This is America... I'm gonna pronounce it how I said it."

by Edd Norris 6 days ago

Honest thoughts about Mr and Mrs Karen. 'I am not a mad dog' really? Because I can see that comparison.

'I have a breathing problem' yes the problem is you are breathing.

by Shaun holland 6 days ago

"I have a breathing problem!" - so I will make it easier for myself to get infected (+ potentially die) & infect others by not wearing a mask

by Filip Klevmark 6 days ago

So if you can't wear a mask because you have respiratory issues......wouldn't it be extremely dangerous for you if you contracted covid-19?

by Bear that's a Dave 6 days ago

that second "restoration" result really look like an Oblivion NPC

by Danang M. Fauzan 6 days ago

Sure doesn't seem to have a breathing issue with all that screaming.

by Gaz Blackheart 6 days ago

He looks like he's dressed as Mario 🤣

by Fodwocket 6 days ago

America leaders of the free world ladies and gentleman.

God save jolly ol England

by Sinner Mods 6 days ago

Omg, those Karen’s are the epitome of entitled selfishness!
I really don’t want to wear a mask either, but I really don’t want to get my mom sick, who is very high risk, and I don’t want to get sick either, tbh.
I just wanted to smack that lady throwing all the stuff out of her basket. The last thing the employees need is a Karen throwing a tantrum, risking their health, and creating a giant mess.
Grow up, people

by Loraine A 6 days ago

Worst case scenario: Sacha Baron Cohen shows up on Quibi. Wouldn't that be ironic...

by Lamenter40K 6 days ago

My grandma thinks she a rebel because she doesn't like to wear a mask lol

by Zach 6 days ago

"Police monster truck drives into protestors, killing hundreds. NYPD has promoted the driver to police chief."

by Matt Homan 6 days ago

Maybe it's just me, but it seems all these people with "breathing problems" have fully functional and somewhat powerful lungs on them.

by StinkyPete_01 6 days ago

Great video especially liked when Rickey admitted to funding isis personally

by LostWaif 6 days ago

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