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A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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JACK AND GAB photo 1 A Message To Gabrielle Moses JACK AND GAB photo 2 A Message To Gabrielle Moses JACK AND GAB photo 3 A Message To Gabrielle Moses JACK AND GAB photo 4 A Message To Gabrielle Moses

Jack: Gabrielle is the best thing that ever happened to me
Me: Uh oh...

Edit: TYSM for all the likes ❤️

by Izzy Butler 5 days ago

he doesnt even seem like himself anymore🥺i’m crying

by gracyn knowles 4 days ago

"I really thought I'd marry this girl."
oh God that hit

by Ashly Cantin 4 days ago

y’all are soulmates. you’ll find your way back to eachother

by mady styles 4 days ago

bruh no idea who this guy is but i’m imagining he’s troy bolton talking about gabriella

by Bella Mateo 4 days ago

I think we can all agree that 2020 was the worst year ever...

by Nxshta 5 days ago

When Jack said he hoped he’d find that thing again that he had with Gabrielle made me think that he won’t ever find a person like Gabrielle because Gabrielle is the person he is meant to be with

by Nikolas Koudsi 4 days ago

Despite the emotions he is feeling, he is still able to talk about this woman in a positive way. It’s a beautiful thing to see, even though it’s such a sad situation. I hope things between them truly do get better. My heart goes out to these two.

by MrMetalHead1121 5 days ago

Me: don’t cry don’t cry. Don’t cry😔
Also me* literally balling my eyes out*: dang it💔

by jaedyn emily 5 days ago

If he didn’t mention the fact that they broke up, you would think he’s talking about someone who just passed away.
I’ve been in a situation like this where you have to move on as if the person never existed and I can tell you first hand that there’s very little in this world as difficult as mourning the loss of someone who is still living. It messes with your mind.
This breaks my heart, God bless them both and I hope they can find their way back to each other. Xo

by ShinePretty 4 days ago

A message to Jack Brinkman: We all love you

by Reece Logan 1 week ago

I love that he still hasn’t changed the channel name 🏅🏅

by SAFTB Podcast 5 days ago

I can't believe they went from clickbait titles with "future wife" and "future husband" to this

by GlitchInTheSystem 4 days ago

Cmon gab, go back to him. He's completely shattered. Save ur man. He needs uuu.

by Faraaz Zuberi 4 days ago

Really thought they were gonna get married and have kids 😕😣

by Corion Davis 1 week ago

The worst part about losing someone is that after you lost them you realized how much you miss them

by Sofia Parodi 4 days ago

Jack is probably hurting more because Gab is all he’s ever known. It hurts but you’re so young, live for you and happiness & the right person will just come along in the process :) we love u

by G J 4 days ago

Imagine his whole family coming out from a room just like 😳

by _Honey_Bear_ 4 days ago

“You don’t really appreciate it, until it’s gone” 🙁🙁 jack and gab... I really want them back together maybe a little break is all they need.

by Sapphire Dinning 4 days ago

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