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Girlfriends React To Things Guys DO But WON’T Admit..

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Girlfriends react to things guys do but won’t admit...
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TAGS: girls friends react to things guys do but won’t admit
Girls react to things guys do won’t admit reaction
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by JACK AND GAB 5 months ago

She protecc
She attacc
Most important...

She put up with Jack😂

by Seyahhh 5 months ago

Who is watching this after gab is the “we broke up” vid 😭😭😭🥺🥺😩😩😭😭😢😢

by Jerzy Morrill 1 month ago

I can’t be the only one who loves there little intro thing

by Aubrey Padilla 5 months ago

Who is here after we figured out they broke up?

by Kynley Marie 1 month ago

This just shows that Jack is a real honest one

by Halima Miah 5 months ago

This is just everyone being disgusted with jack. lol he just has no filterrrrr... its great

by Anna Castillo 5 months ago

at when jack rubbed his nipple for a good 10 seconds and no one noticed 😭

by Izzy B. 4 months ago

"i dont wash my hands to be honest"


by Kimberly Nicholls 2 months ago

Who else is watching this in 2020 when Jack and Gabrielle are on a break? 😭😭😭

by Samuel Negash 1 month ago

Who’s here after the break up 🥺😭

by Issy Jones 3 weeks ago

Gab: too clean for this talk
Also Gab: tries to join in "I DO that with SHIRTS"!

by confxssedly_jas 5 months ago

Why is Josh's right arm bigger than his left.

by Victor Craig 5 months ago

Who the hell sends a pic of their poop to ppl? Eww😂

by Miah Lorae 5 months ago

Rewatching this because jack and gab broke up☹️😞😢😭

by Alex Davis 3 weeks ago

Katie was acting really weird. Like she looked distracted.

by dEliA 5 months ago

me:*pauses video when evryones face is wack*

by LittleLaurDIY 3 months ago

No one:
Jack: it’s like a whole ecosystem

by Zoey ! 2 months ago

I don’t understand why most boys don’t wash their hands.

by Elatednightmare 4 months ago

Anyone els see jack rub his nipple around 😂😂

by Angelina Hanson 5 months ago

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