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Telling Him "I DON'T WANT TO MARRY YOU" To See His Reaction Prank (HE CRIED)

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Today I told my boyfriend I didn't want to marry him to see his reaction and I gotta say... not good. We have been filming a lot of reaction videos but this may have to be the last one since things got heated but I would appreciate it if you guys watch the whole thing to see his reaction to finding out it's a prank ;)
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TAGS, telling my boyfriend i dont want to marry you to see his reaction prank
telling my boyfriend i dont want to marry you to see his reaction prank
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by JACK AND GAB 11 months ago

Jack reacted the way every boyfriend should in that situation

by faz-faz • daniels 11 months ago

he was so calm and respectful towards her and thought of his words a million times before saying anything... that's not just a good boyfriend, he's a great guy.

by Sara H 5 months ago

Who’s watching this after their official breakup😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

by Daniel Martin 2 weeks ago

I can't even think how hurt jack is rn that they reallly broke up

by Sheela Jain 3 weeks ago

the fact that they continue to sip their drinks throughout the video makes it 10 times funnier.

by Kroax 6 months ago

Imagine having a boy head over heels for you. Can’t relate

by Kayla Pietkewicz 11 months ago

Damn y’all know he was serious when he said he told his dog

by OxladeCZS 5 months ago

It's weird seeing Jack so serious when he's usually the jokey comedic type

by Drummerdudegirl 5 months ago

“That would absolutely break my he at t and make me the most miserable person” 🥺

by Ashlyn Davis 8 months ago

Gab-"your the only boyfriend I've ever had"
Jack- "well then go try other ones"

Me- I can't breath 😂😂

by Tracey Tupu 5 months ago

the way he was looking at Gabrielle trying to compose himself and he said “I don’t believe you” in a soft voice and gulped. I FELT that pain. I cried bro

by Ariana Campuzano 10 months ago

Who’s watching this in 2020 while quarantined?

by Ellis Adams 3 months ago

Gabrielle: I don’t wanna get engaged

Jack: say sike right now

by Eeek ! 6 months ago

I legitimately feel so bad for Jack. He looked genuinely hurt, even after he figured that it was a prank. I just want to give him a hug.

by webrokethepa 5 months ago

Marriage is over rated

(Shakes pinkity drinkity)

by Aenji comzz 5 months ago

Oh my gosh Jack is the exact boyfriend and husband every girl should have. He is amazing and so sweet.

by Raya Reiswig 5 months ago

“I thought we were gonna have kids, a dog and an aquarium”

by megan derail 7 months ago

“can you get you hair out of my Starbucks Sweetheart, thank you”

by ANie Compton 6 months ago

Jack: “You’ve been talking about the house we want..
what we are gonna name our kids..
what we are gonna name our dogs..”

Me: “What you are gonna name the fish in the aquarium...” 😂😂😂

by Dit Kind 3 months ago

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