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Epic Moments in Football 2020!

JackieMT photo 1 Epic Moments in Football 2020! JackieMT photo 2 Epic Moments in Football 2020! JackieMT photo 3 Epic Moments in Football 2020! JackieMT photo 4 Epic Moments in Football 2020!

Neymar and Mbappé are so bored in league 1 that their just doing whatever the fuck they want 😂

by Aero 3 months ago

Watching Neymar and Mbappe play is so fun, they’re just chillin like it’s a pick up game

by Ben4Pres 1 week ago

I didn’t find any moment of griezmann and messi in this video....

by Ipshita Zaman 2 months ago

I'm so tired of these bugs in Fifa..

by Leonard 3 months ago

French Ligue 1: We take ourselves seriously over here

Neymar & Mbappe: lol

by Tommy Hilllz 3 months ago

Neymar is a straight up SAVAGE

by ZZ10 3 months ago

The most savage moment in this video

by Maz Jø 3 months ago

Insigne is always getting the tallest ballboy😂

by Crusher Chum 2 months ago

From Messi to his original 😂😂😂

by Waseem Ramzi 3 months ago

when you turn into Messi then you turn back into Kurzawa

by Aliqtr 2 months ago

I swear if it was Ramos instead of pique it would have been a red card

by The Kman 1 month ago

Pique checked it whether the card is yellow or red.

by Shashwat 3 months ago

Are we not gonna talk about that?

by Seor Rc 3 months ago

when the teacher leaves the room for a second during an examination

by Fan Site 3 months ago

Insigne: Why always me?..

by Sn Ala 2 months ago

never saw something like this XD

by IPYES 3 months ago

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