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McGregor Doubles Down On Misogyny in Birds of Prey

Jade Shadow photo 1 McGregor Doubles Down On Misogyny... Jade Shadow photo 2 McGregor Doubles Down On Misogyny... Jade Shadow photo 3 McGregor Doubles Down On Misogyny... Jade Shadow photo 4 McGregor Doubles Down On Misogyny...

I would actually argue that Wonder Woman is a proper feminist movie you know feminism in the term of actual proud to be a woman and not man hating that's the key difference for me birds of prey looks like man hate where is Wonder Woman's like yeah she's a badass chick

by Lethal Lightning 4 months ago

Ewan McGregor probably needs to be sure that his career is still intact in the industry.

by Jared Wignall 4 months ago

This makes me sad, every actor i like is a damn crazy person it feels like.

by I Hate Everyone 4 months ago

I just did a vid on how low my interest is for this movie. It just looks trash even without the pandering.

by Sith Lord Felix 4 months ago

bows head for mans prayer.
"Im a man, but I can change, if I have too. I guess"

by Seth Coma 4 months ago

Ewan ā€œIā€™m one of the good menā€ McGregor.

by Gabriel Pescado 4 months ago

I'll probably try to see this in some way just to see how big a dumpster fire it is.

by Dave M 4 months ago

dont forget about mary elizabeth "perennial wannabe" winstead. it takes two to tango.

by lexoz 932 4 months ago

Congrats on 900 by the way. Onto 1k.

by Luis Garoz 4 months ago

Always keep in mind that the girl he cheated on his wife with is also in this movie that is funny

by Lethal Lightning 4 months ago

dont care about the story but i like Your take

by do situ 4 months ago

Obi Wan has joined the Dark Side, lol!

by Ratt Finke 4 months ago

Sionis looks ridiculous. Yes, he wears suits, but the suits he wears are classy and like something a high-end mafia boss would wear. He looks like the guy you DON'T want to cross. McGregor's Sionis looks like the dude at a Vegas stage show telling you to tip your server and that he's here all week... wtf, DC?

by Trace XL 4 months ago

McGregor continues to make of a fool of himself I see. Quite embarrassing to see and I'm sick of this narrative being painted that men need to change because we're all apparently sexist.

by TitanSlayer 4 months ago

LMFAO! Haven't these clowns learned from their past failures such as TLJ and Woke Charlies' Angels? Then again, they never do. Also, isn't this the same guy who played as our beloved Obi-Wan in the Star Wars PT? Why would he say such idiotic things? Sigh! Anyways, thank you again Jade for another exciting video; I really loved it!

by Black Samurai 76 4 months ago

Not a fan of Black Mask: Liberace Edition.

by Florida Fool 4 months ago

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