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Click and Drag - Instant Influencer

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This week on Instant Influencer, the artists are challenged to create their ultimate drag transformation. 💄 Winner of RuPauls Drag Race Trixie Mattel joins us, and is not afraid to drag a bad look. Who has what it takes to become a beauty superstar?
🎨 If you recreate a look from the show, make sure to tag us and use #InstantInfluencer!
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Kailin Chase » https://www.youtube.com/kailinchase
Christian Perez » https://www.youtube.com/indigotohell
Britany Renteria » https://www.youtube.com/britanyraquell
Gabriel Garcia » https://www.youtube.com/DreamsGabriel
Ashley Strong » https://www.youtube.com/strashme
Benny Cera » https://www.youtube.com/bennycerra

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Indigo: gets the worst critiques

Benny: Smiles because he shouldn't have taken my wig

by Carly 2 months ago

I like how honest this show is. Other shows probably wouldn't let the same person win so many times, even if they did good.

by Raechii 1 month ago

"if it makes you feel better i'm going home today to" LMAO

by Anahi Bonilla 1 month ago

i love how ashley has literally 0 facial expression when she’s excited lmao

by st00pid fish 2 months ago

Also, no one is talking about Ashley’s little dance moves when she wins.

by SiSi Erbagan 3 weeks ago

The fact that James made this free with NO ads is incredible. Thank you.

by Sylvia Unaeze 1 month ago

James has a genuine soul and intelligent mind. He thinks logically and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. its an irony that even after being through so much in his life, he never stopped being what he is. Such a strong personality. I learn so much from his videos even though i don't wear makeup. He really rather shows how to be human first. Love him.

by Lumi Land 3 weeks ago

Why are people hating on Indigo for getting the pink wig like honestly he wanted the wig and he got it fair and square it was never bennys just because pink is bennys favorite color and he didn’t cheat to get it and afterwords he expressed happiness that he got the wig he wanted HE WASNT RUBBING IT IN BENNYS FACE honestly people make it sound like Benny had the wig, bringing to the table and Indigo snatched it out of his hands THAT would be stealing it so no Indigo didn’t steal it he simply got it before Benny so stop making it seem like Indigo is a horrible person for taking the wig he wanted

by Andrea Kim 3 weeks ago

Imagine how many subscribers they all gained after this

by yellowxedits シ 1 month ago

I hate when the artists pull the feel bad for me card

by Chantell 3 weeks ago

“that looks great benny”
benny: thank you
📈 📉
👁 👁

by venturiara 3 weeks ago

indigo: don't even look at the clock
kailin: looks at the clock

by dara reilly 1 month ago

can we just appreciate the fact that this series is free unlike other youtubers who make us pay for their series thx james

by Unicorn Lover 2 months ago

it enraged me when benny was smiling at indigo crying like i understand it’s a competition but you can at least be nice

by First name Last name 1 month ago

when people say ashley had less of a advantage now i think. she didn’t . because if she didn’t have that advantage time she would’ve been behind a lot more because she wouldn’t know it would look bad

by sunny tingz 1 month ago

you guys.. you could literally see Gabriel's stubble through his makeup... how did he stay

by slumscape 1 month ago

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