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Makeup Relay Race Ft. David Dobrik & Vlog Squad

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HI SISTERS! In today's video I invited over David Dobrik & the Vlog Squad for a NEW challenge, Makeup Relay Race! Each person has only 5 minutes to take on one step of my makeup routine before switching off... will the final look slay or should the Vlog Squad stick to vlogging?! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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HEATH » https://www.youtube.com/user/hghussar
CARLY & ERIN » https://www.youtube.com/carlyanderin
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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James Charles photo 1 Makeup Relay Race Ft. David... James Charles photo 2 Makeup Relay Race Ft. David... James Charles photo 3 Makeup Relay Race Ft. David... James Charles photo 4 Makeup Relay Race Ft. David...

anyone watching during corona because they’re BORED

by Claire Payne 3 months ago

Jeff: flirts
James: flirts back
sexy music plays in background

by Chloe Caffrey 2 months ago

jeff : "can i squeeze the beauty blender ?"
james : "YoU CaN SqUeZze wHatEveR U waNt"

by mia gabriella 1 month ago

Can we talk about how much James needs a Boyfriend- 😐

by Emily Cake 1 month ago

Are we not going to talk abt how Jeff puts his hands in James hoodie

by xoxo.brianna. xoxo 2 months ago

Everyone is saying how James keeps flirting with Jeff, but Jeff is definitely flirting back

by Alexandra Chakon 3 months ago

everyone: jeff flirting with james lmaoo
me: where’s nat and jason ahhhh

by Macy Abraham 1 month ago

The amount of flirting between James and Jeff though 💀💀💀

by UwU_Gacha.Em_UwU 1 month ago

I can’t with Matt. He is talking and his hands is have a mild Seizure

by That one Girl gamer 1 month ago

I legit died when he put 8 minutes on jeffs clock

by Anna Watts 2 months ago

David: “This is why I didn’t want to go after Jonah!”
Also David: *puts pink eyeshadow under James’s eye*

by Cate Demopoulos 1 month ago

david came in so confident and then my jaw dropped when james turned his head after he did the pink on one eye haha

by Gina Nguyen 1 month ago

Everyone: does his make up

Jeff: flirts and does basically nothing

Us: yessssss shipppp

by The Demigorgen 1 month ago

for some reason i kinda wanna see what was happening in the room that everyone waited in 😂

by Jada Franco 6 months ago

Jeff: Do you guys shoot people with paintballs guns?
James: No...

by Zara Majid 1 month ago

Everybody: stays far to see what they’re doing Zane: chokes the shit outta James

by Obress Guy Iii 1 month ago

why was I so uncomfortable when James put his hand in Jeff’s shirt…

by hilary’s life 2 months ago

Dude like I knew James was gonna like flirt and stuff but like when Jeff started flirting back I- I know no one says this anymore but, I SHIP IT OMGG

by Natalie._. Malak 2 months ago

david wondering who’s tf wiped off his pink under eye

by riley kirby 2 months ago

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