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Marina Abramović on the Power of Intuition | Innsaei Lifestyle Documentary

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During her performance 'The Artist is Present' at the MoMA, Abramovic sat silently opposite various members of the public, for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 3 months.
A journey of soul searching, science, nature and creativity. ’Innsaei: The Power of Intuition’ takes us on a global journey to uncover the art of connecting within in today’s world of distraction and stress.
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The world is changing faster than ever before and new ways of thinking are required. 65% of children will be doing jobs in the future that have not been invented. Statistics show that depression will likely be the highest leading cause of disease in the western world by 2020. Burn out, distraction and violence has become an integral part of our culture, media and entertainment and we are becoming seriously disconnected from the natural world. How is this affecting the way we live our lives?
‘Innsaie’ offers radical insights on how to re-think how we think and sense the world today. Two cultural entrepreneurs go on a global journey that help even the most skeptical to uncover the hidden world of InnSæi. They meet world-renowned thinkers, scientists, artists, academics and spiritual leaders who share knowledge and wisdom to unlock the nature of InnSæi: a world of huge potential with a new vision, feelings, empathy and imagination. A world that today’s culture of stress and distraction is blocking our access to.
On their journey they meet a group of children who are learning how to better cope in today’s world through an unconventional school programme. They discover how InnSæi can help us to re-think how we think and open up to our full potentials. We can no longer sit back and just expect change to happen. Change happens inside us. And it starts with InnSæi.
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by Java Films 8 months ago

Why is she triggering people so much? All she is doing is being much much much more conscious that everyone else around....And experimenting with her own mind and body. How is this evil or satanic?

by Anjali Hiregange 1 year ago

One of the things I learned about life is that the time will come when we become face to face with ourselves....We have to learn to accept the way we are, learn to deal with ones self...Sometimes ppl keep friends because they can't deal with being alone...So once we learn to deal with ourself, then blending in with the world would be the least of worries.... Deal with yourself, forgive yourself...long as you dragging the past with you, it will keep you behind..I'm not dragging no one's name down because i don't want it to happen to me but someone should tell the ppl that are lost the healing process starts from within.....If you wanna help ppl, it starts here..

by Robert Stevenson Jr 1 year ago

Oh, Yes...... She is very bad and all you full of negative coment and pointing the finger over somebody you all don't know close or meet, you are the angels.

by ANGELO54 1 year ago

Such a beautiful and pleasant lady she is... I'm so happy that I have met her last week 😘❤️❤️❤️

by Stojka Angelkovski 6 months ago

During her 6 hours Rhythm 0 - performance (in 1974) with the 75 objects, she made herself a projection screen for whatever people were capable of and allowing themselves to do. 
There was love-projection but also a lot of anger and hate. She even got a gun on her head and one guy cut her throat with a knife. She still has the scar from it.
Nothing has changed. She catalyzes what's inside of us...

by saskia van orly 9 months ago

I wish Columbus had never been brave enough, you know, because of the mass genocide? lol.

by be kind 1 year ago

Observing Abramovic here in this limited instance elicits no feelings of repulsion - and yet, I know. I lnow of her much darker inclinations, whicth celebrate the macabre and the perverse - which espouses to be ‘limitless’ - for HER perhaps. But not for the humans who are targeted to BECOM her “art supplies”, which REQUIRES ABSOLUTE LIMITS BEING PLACED UPON THE VICTIMS... I mean, “participants” whether they were WILLING OR NOT. Spirit cooking and ‘celebrity cannibal galas’ cone immediately to mind. Abramovic TALKS ONE WAY, but WALKS ANOTHER.

by Suzanne 2 years ago

You are spiritual. It touched my soul.

by Javier Tafran 9 months ago

Remember how they'd burn witches at stake then come to find out they weren't even bad witches, jus people with artistic gifts.....yall are those towns people....lol

by Stawn Kashi 1 year ago

i wish you finally find happiness..

by MrMethadrine 3 months ago

Could someone explain to me where do you get all this info from?

by David Figueroa 5 months ago

I have a deep respect towards her. I recently ordered her book, can't wait to read it :)

by Zane zzz 1 month ago

The purest form of love, is not for oneself, but that between two entities whom have the choice to hate or to love. That is the purest love.

by The Lion Of Yudah Shall Return 2 years ago

At the end of the day, she still a human being. I've learned that no matter how dark someone is, it's important to try to see the good in them... And why not?? Doesn't God see the good in all of you people who have done wrong in plain sight or behind closed doors. Where is our sense of humanitarianism? I've stated my discomfort about this woman in other videos. But now, I must approach this differently after considering how gracious my God has been to me, during all of my mess and darker sides of me. However, that does not mean we aught to continue doing wrong or being dark... She just does not know the true and authentic spirit of the Lord Yeshua Christ... He is gental and does not require you to harm your self by self mutilating your body the way her spiritual practice does... It is my prayer that she comes to the light of Christ, the (BRIGHTER) morning start.. and that she denounces the morning star known as Satan.. so that she can expose him and all the evil practices and false success that has been planted in our society as a standard.... We need love people, just as much as you use the rod, create a balance, never neglecting to express love just as much as you express frustration..

by Samuel Jurah 1 year ago

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