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I love you, Corey La Barrie.

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Corey will live forever through those who cherish him.
Thank you for everything you've done for me man.

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I’ve never had a celebrity’s death hit me this hard. He was taken too soon from us and my heart goes out to you, his family, his YouTube family etc. I’m gonna miss laughing for minutes straight whenever he’d collab with you, Kian, Crawford, Dom, Franny, Bobby, Harrison and many more. He was always getting picked on but he knew how that it was all out of love. My prayers and love go out to everyone who was close to or knew Corey. I’m so happy to know that he had his friends there for him in his final moments. He will always be in our hearts❤️

by Alex Hoang 3 weeks ago

the fact that he died on his bday and on mother’s day really upsets me, imagine how is mother was. rip corey

by kyla 3 weeks ago

When JC said Corey was so extra I just thought of when he kept saying, “ half circle half circle.”

by Samantha Diaz 3 weeks ago

“There’s never goodbyes in the world, just see you again” - Corey La Barrie

by Kaylee Mccracken 2 weeks ago

Corey‘s brand going from „under appreciated“ to „forever appreciated“ is one of the most beautiful things ever.

by A MD 3 weeks ago

I can still hear Corey say “HaLf CiRcLe, HaLf CiRcLe”😭❤️

by DANI DIAZ 3 weeks ago

“This video will be deleted after 24 hours” and then he just passed away....

by melvile 2 weeks ago

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
Psalms NIV

by deborah sharp 3 weeks ago

It’s weird how hard this is when I didn’t even know him. He gave off a welcoming vibe and it’s kinda like the world stopped now that he’s gone. It’s crazy.

by bella castorena 3 weeks ago

mothers day will never be the same for Corey's family :(

by Lindsey Morrow 2 weeks ago

somebody make “forever appreciated” merch. and donate the money to the fund.

by Ryanne Stockton 3 weeks ago

I’m ugly crying. Still don’t want to accept this. Corey was a light in this friend group and brought so much to this world. He will definitely never be forgotten. So much respect to you for staying strong, Jc. Sending nothing but love.

by jamie sch 3 weeks ago

Remember when Corey said dom was cheating cause he had AirPods in the freezer challenge, literally my favorite moment of that challenge.
May he rest in eternal peace. 🙏🏻
You will be missed buddy ❤️

by Bill Murray 3 weeks ago

Why, why did this have to happen to Corey? Even ON HIS BIRTHDAY.

by Rosie Moonlight 2 weeks ago

I literally started crying when Jc said "he texted back, I'm never doing anything for your vlogs again" </3 although he won't be there psychically, he will be there spiritually <3
Corey will be forever missed, never forgotten, R.I.P Corey & I am so sorry for your loss JC

by sky emma 3 weeks ago

corey is probably playing with wishbone. He must be so happy to see wishbone

by Aspect 4 days ago

I’m in tears & I didn’t even know him personally. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through. Rest In Peace Corey. <3

by Kim Cee 1 week ago

I hate all the people that disliked this vid. It is so unfair to lose someone this imaginative, grateful, and just every single word that describes amazing. I miss you so much Corey. We love you. This is so hard to just realize he is gone. What a blessing to all their lives. We will just have to know that he is there and he is watching you all up there. ❤️✨😭

by Mochi Cream 2 weeks ago

When he started talking and his voice started shaking ... I broke down

by Ever_ lasting 3 weeks ago

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