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British Airways A318 Club World from London to New York

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For many years, British Airways Flight 1 meant one thing: Concorde from London to New York. Today, British Airways Flight 1 has a different connotation. It's a British Airways A318 flying from London City (LCY) to Shannon (SNN) and on to New York (JFK). It's certainly British Airways' most unique route and, let's face it, a British Airways A318 flying across the Atlantic probably ranks up there as one of the most unique routes on the planet.
Here's a link to the full, unedited takeoff and landing footage from this flight, https://youtu.be/KfQNbMgnqLc
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Now, in this video about British Airways Flight 1, I'll highlight the ground experience at LCY and SNN, the British Airways A318 Club World seat, the British Airways A318 Club World food, the British Airways A318 Club World in-flight entertainment, and the British Airways A318 Club World service.
British Airways Business Class has been discussed by other trip reporters at length. Here's my take on what is, arguably, the strangest British Airways Business Class around. Club World is a product with many variants. And this version of Club World is unique to the Airbus A318. It's worth noting British Airways A318 Club World is a special seat design worth taking a look at in this video about British Airways Flight 1.
In the end, I'll give the experience on British Airways A318 a score. But, I'm curious to know...after watching the video, how would you rate the British A318 service from London to New York?
I'll even give you my decision about whether I think this flight earned the designation it shared with Concorde: British Airways Flight 1.
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Is this the Doug DeMuro of Aviation?

by Mogul Dash 1 year ago

A380s these days doing flights as short as one hour but the A318 over here is doing 7 hours across the Atlantic

by Dan 11 months ago

I used to work on this route as cabin crew and all the issues that have been highlighted all boil down to one thing; weight. Traditional business class seats and IFE are all very heavy and more weight means more fuel and that’s the issue here. The aircraft is tiny and can only hold so much fuel. So why not fly a larger aircraft from LCY? You can’t. The runway is very short and only smaller aircraft can use it. The reason the flight stops in Shannon is because it wouldn’t be able to take off from LCY with full fuel tanks (the aircraft would be too heavy for such a short runway).

I used to fly LGW JFK too and skipping immigration at JFK was always a joy. We just picked up our bags and walked out the door. Bliss.

This route also became known as the Barclays Bus as it seemed to be the preferred method for a lot of their execs in Canary Wharf. That said it was nearly always the case that the flight out to JFK was half empty, whereas the flight back was full, for the simple reason that it was just a very different experience. Passengers on the flight back were allowed to use the first class lounge in JFK which was a big plus for many, in that they simply loaded up on food and drink before boarding and then got on board and went straight to sleep as most of them were walking off the plane and into their offices. It’s was very common on that flight home for the service to last about 5 mins i.e. handing out the odd night cap. Next thing, they woke up at a tiny airport in central London where they could go from plane to office in about 20 mins. There was a breakfast service for those that wanted it although most went with the breakfast to go that we offered which was a brown paper bag with pastries and fruit. We also did coffee to go.

One thing that I do remember was the turbulence. I don’t know if I was particularly unlucky on this route but we did seem to get kicked around a fair bit coming across the Atlantic. And Atlantic turbulence on such a small aircraft certainly felt, erm, different. Not that the passengers ever seemed to mind. I remember not having been able to get out of my seat for over an hour due to very heavy turbulence and decided to crawl down the aisle to check on people, and they all looked at me like I was mad. Most weren’t the least bit bothered and just said “Erm, shouldn’t you be strapped in?” They were right of course. My point is they were very seasoned fliers.

The crew absolutely love this route. It became a fleet within a fleet at LGW and we did feel very privileged to fly it. The flight back into city will always remain popular but the outbound route has always struggled and with the advent of crossrail this seems set to worsen. BA may have to think about moving the outbound flight to LGW or LHR although that’s not without it’s complications either.

by Scott Lafferty 1 year ago

You've completely missed the big plus of this flight. Because you clear customs & immigration at Shannon you land at JFK as a domestic passenger. Clearing at Shannon means you have, at most, 31 pax in front of you.

Given JFK, like MIA, is one of the busiest ports of entry to the US this is a fantastic advantage which saves a huge amount of time and stress.

by Charity Celebrity 1 year ago

All the extra work at Shannon feels like a pain but is worth it considering you get to skip immigration at New York which is a serious pain

by Manan Agarwal 1 year ago

Have I ever flown in a narrow-body across the Atlantic? Yes, in a Super Constellation in the 50s and DC-8s, 707s and a Bristol Brittania in the 60s.

by voxer99 10 months ago

Aviation enthusiast...

Speeds up takeoff

by BorisKnoT 11 months ago

I saw this BA a318 at JFK in January and kind of got confused of how it got there. Now I know! Great video!

by Reforcez 10 months ago

This is probably used mainly for business passengers going from London’s financial district straight to NYC, as you said!

by Murad Mubin 1 year ago

Accountant Plane less than half full
Enthusiast Plane more than half empty

Q Who killed the Concorde
A The Accountants

by Michael Nunnery 1 year ago

'thankfully I had my £200 earphones not the complimentary shite BA provide'

by BasementDiaries 1 year ago

Those Sennheiser PXC 550s are WAY better than those Bose earphones you used in this video, especially regarding their noice cancellation capability which you always hammer on about.

Understandable you want your Bose commission, but don't start stating biased nonsense.

by James May 1 year ago

I've been waiting for someone to do a review of this route! It's really cool that BA has this quirky little flight but if I was just your everyday traveler flying to London I'd definitely opt for the standard 747 between JFK and LHR; that stopover in Ireland seems like a bit of a hassle. I really hope they keep this route alive though and possibly update the seats.

by NYC Flyer 1 year ago

You’re being so unfair to this tiny plane! It is 8 hrs from London city to John F Kennedy airport. It’s just 1 hour stop at Shannon .

by MrYzeng 4 months ago

This is by far my favorite flight, it really is such a pleasant experience, even with the quirks. I preferred the (now cancelled) later one so never got to clear immigration in Shannon unfortunately.

by Adam Oakman 1 year ago

I’ve flown in a 757 across the Atlantic Ocean?

by its_kaven 9 months ago

No celebrities on that flight!?! Jeb, you're too modest! Hahaha

by Adam Murphy 1 year ago

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