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WHO'S READY FOR A FLASHBACK??? Today I diving into the "How I Did My Makeup In High School" tag!!! I started wearing makeup when I was 12 years old... I've always been obsessed with glamour and transforming myself! This tag is so fun because I wore a FULL face for my 12th grade year book photos! In this video, I show you a few childhood photos, as well as my REAL yearbook!! I thought it would be fun to recreate one of my old signature "Jeffree" looks when I was a teenager!! Can we talk about my old school brows??? I WAS SERVING IT UP!!!! HAHA!! Hope you all enjoy and get a laugh from this video!!
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jeffreestar photo 1 HOW I DID MY MAKEUP... jeffreestar photo 2 HOW I DID MY MAKEUP... jeffreestar photo 3 HOW I DID MY MAKEUP... jeffreestar photo 4 HOW I DID MY MAKEUP...

Let me just say, 7th grade Jeffree was the boy every girl had a crush on.

by Molly Nixon 8 months ago

It’s SO weird not to hear, “Hi, how are ya?”

by Nystaria 4 months ago

Jeffree: "Now of course the high school football team couldn't be here to finalise the, you know, setting spray with their c*m..."
Me: Chokes on air "GURL!"

by Becky C. 6 months ago

Jeffree’s School: Goth makeup and cakes

My School: OMG she’s wearing makeup what an attention seeker!!

by Andy Anne 7 months ago

Who’s watching this in 2020? cause same

by shayli 6 months ago

“No one looks good without eyebrows!!”

Jeffree: hold my red bull

by Rikki Smith 8 months ago

So, we're just gonna gloss over that football team statement?

by Guydelle Philippe 6 months ago

Jefferee, i'm Bethany, i graduated from Pacifica last June. my favorite teacher, Mr. Berrier, the senior English teacher, has an instragram now and he posted a picture when you were #2 on trending. he's very proud of you for everything you've become and , stuff. just thought you should know

by Adiand Warren 5 months ago

Fun random fact!: Marilyn Monroe used Vaseline for Highlighter! Even for her famous Smokey eye!

Thank you for all the likes! I’ve never had this many before!😊😙

by Unique_ Garbage 2 months ago

randomly stumbles upon this video from 3 years ago
Intro: “Bora Bora...swimming with the sharks and sting rays”

Me: watches Jeffree, Mitchell and Nate on Snapchat currently in Bora Bora doing the exact same thing in 2019

Edit: Thanks for the likes💜

by Janae Hatchett 7 months ago

You are literally the only person that looks good without eyebrows

by Marina Vering 1 year ago

I did my brows like that too in the 90’s. That was the style

by Casey 3 months ago

You know whats crazy? That there are old women with the exactly same makeup look at streets

by julio 4 months ago

I did a double take at the beginning of this video because it’s 3 years old and he started off talking about getting back from Bora Bora and swimming with sharks and stingrays, and currently he just got back from Bora Bora where on his snap story he was swimming with sharks and stingrays

by NiteOwel 7 months ago

People randomly keep "anyone in 2020, OK only me " and they get soo many likes!!!
Me : 😶😶 waaaaaat!!!!

by harshitha Gogada 3 months ago

why does it feel like im being hypnotized when i look in his eyes

by ella w 3 months ago

Jeffree: Razors Brows
Grandma:You Look like a Alien!
Older Jeffree: Alien Pallette

by Camila Avakinx 6 months ago

“And now infants are contouring it’s scary” BRUHH 😂😂😂

by Jaylen Jayme 5 months ago

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