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Reacting to MEAN Tik Toks About Me (This Crossed The Line!)

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Today we are diving into the OTHER side of Tik Tok... A few weeks ago I FINALLY got an account and watched the top 'Jeffree Star' videos.. Now I'm going to watch all the MEAN and over the top Tik Tok's of me and give my reactions. Some were very uncomfortable and embarrassing.. Nothing new haha Love you Star Family!
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jeffreestar photo 1 Reacting to MEAN Tik Toks... jeffreestar photo 2 Reacting to MEAN Tik Toks... jeffreestar photo 3 Reacting to MEAN Tik Toks... jeffreestar photo 4 Reacting to MEAN Tik Toks...

I love how he doesn’t get offended when it comes to him but when it’s about his dogs he’s like biiiiitchhhhh 😂

by Christina Renee 1 month ago

IMPORTANT!! Please read!! there is a girl on tik tok @imjustemmaidk , I just came across one of her videos, and hopefully you end up seeing it Jeffree, but she was diagnosed with Leukemia and is about to lose her hair from the chemo and she’s asking where you get your wigs and i think it would make her really happy if you duetted it or reacted to it with some information about your wigs ☺️ So hopefully you see this so you can watch her video. ❤️ Lots of love to you and yours.

by Brooklynn Bruner 3 weeks ago

If jeffree defends Taco Bell over Nate, he must’ve done something to him he won’t admit to us yet

by leslye herrera 2 weeks ago

we all know jeffree is heartbroken when he chooses tacobell over Nate💀💀💀

by Ff I’m 3 weeks ago

Idk why but his hair is giving me McDonald’s vibes

by Sophie Elisabeth 1 month ago

I wish Jeffrey could see this. My autistic 13 year old daughter shaved her eyebrows and was being made fun of. I told her you do what makes you happy. I told her Jeffrey star fixes his eyebrows to and showed her your pic, her response "can I go see him please" she's now a huge friend of yours 💞

by Dona Lyn 2 weeks ago

love how he doesn't get offended when he's insulted but when someone comes for his dogs he snaps 😂👏❤💛

by Abbey Jay 2 weeks ago

Am I the only one who thinks he's hair looks like ketchup and mustard

Just me?

..... OK

by n i oop 2 weeks ago

The only reason that guy didn’t like your house on the inside is because it’s pink and he is a “manly man”

by Desi Door 2 weeks ago

Jeffree secretly living for everyone dragging Nate gives me life

by Georgina Rose 1 month ago

The guy that rated jeffrees house...
Jeffrees mind:
Splish, splash your opinion is trash

by Izabela Paunović 2 weeks ago

Jeffree: looks at old man
Also Jeffree: look at him LIVING!

by Ditte Münch 2 weeks ago

No one:
Jefree: what in the court case was that! 😂

by Ava Williams 1 week ago

this is how many times Jeffrey touches his hair ...

by Michelle Ross 2 weeks ago

Jeffree: "I have a hard time gaining weight"
Me: Can't relate
Jefree: "Fast metabolism.... wish I could sell it"
Me: "SOLD!!"

by 1 Sub Before 2021? 1 month ago

Am I the only one who loves Jefree's laugh???

by Ani Bee 1 day ago

The Jeffree Star drinking game. Take a shot every time he says Iconic.

by xeferial 2 weeks ago

I love how he laughed and then his face turned into sToNe when he said “I’m getting a restraining order.” 🙈

by Samantha 1 week ago

I'm serious now..I really wanna develop a personality like Jeffree..funny, lively, confident, and chilled about heart breaks.

by Zexy Turpa 2 weeks ago

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