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Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on JeffreeStarCosmetics.com this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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he didn’t know a pandemic was on the way when he created this idea, he isn’t gonna stop a launch that cost thousands (possibly millions) of dollars for something he didn’t know was happening.

by Nano_d _nano 2 weeks ago

i'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he's not using a filter.

by Peyton Hildebrand 1 week ago

"I'm lactose intolerant and I get offended by milk."

by xXNataliexMSPXx 1 week ago

Y’all act like he named the palate “pandemic”

by HeyItsKELS!!! 2 days ago

People are just bored in quarantine they need a scandal sis your palette is gorgeous x

by Jasmine McDonagh 1 week ago

Certain people are always going to be offended by everything. You can name a palette “Wet” and someone’s going to cry that there are people without water and cities in droughts.

by Cassandra 2 weeks ago

Watch as people start attacking him for naming the jaw breaker palette “jaw breaker” because it’s “insensitive” to people who have broken their jaws

by Lily 1 week ago

The people who are offended by this palette are probably the ones who protest wearing the masks.

by Sujey Lavin 1 week ago

Jefree used “Ill never sell expired makeup” it was very effective, Jaclyn has been defeated.

by Magnus Enevoldsen 3 days ago

Jefree, my sister died in a car crash on March 14, her name was Alyssa Scheda, and all I wanted to say we both love/loved you and she was cremated, when I saw this video it absolutely shook me. It was crazy to me to see a pale released a few months after she died, I guess I wanted to say thank you a lot. And she would of been shook when she saw this palet

by Grayson Scheda 6 days ago

My brother was cremated a few years ago after he lost his battle with addiction. I understand that for some people, this palette could be upsetting... but the idea that because it upsets YOU personally, therefore no one should be allowed to enjoy it is insane. Just don’t buy it. It’s honestly that simple. Jeffree didn’t make this palette as a “joke”, or to be edgy and profit off death. He genuinely enjoys this aesthetic, as do many people in the world. Just one look at his decor in his house would show that. Also, let’s not forget that in many cultures, death is not taboo. Funerals are more like celebrations, but for some reason people think death shouldn’t be talked about even though it is something we all have in common.

by I’m just here Not sure why 2 weeks ago

I really like Nicole! She’s just so natural and to me it seems like she’s one of the few that are always real and don’t try to please Jeffree but is just a real and honest friend. So chill and talented as well. I mean that look?! AMAZING!

by Steffi 94 3 days ago

The only offensive thing to me is that I can’t do makeup like him

by Shaylee Guire 3 days ago

I see his collection as a NEW beginning, new life and reincarnation.

by Bobbie Jo Colbert 1 week ago

“just put an eyepatch on and call me jinkx monsoon” i DIED

by Sparkle Meanswell 4 days ago


by Julia G. 2 weeks ago

Why are people mad? It’s not like he can wait till this pandemic is over, and he spent lots of money and he made it last year.

by Isabel Official 1 week ago

I’m one of those weirdos. The “normal” people are the ones bitchin bout the name of the palette.

by Kamehame Jenna 4 days ago

Wait wait wait wtf did he say at ?? 😂 why can’t I understand what he’s saying?! Am I that high that I can’t hear English?? 🤣

by Sade Marshall 1 week ago

Jawbreaker pallete: people who have broken their jaws: this is disgusting, wrong timing, disrespect 😤

by Jxckie Nguyen 1 week ago

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