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The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!.
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jeffreestar photo 1 The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup... jeffreestar photo 2 The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup... jeffreestar photo 3 The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup... jeffreestar photo 4 The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup...

I want to see Jeffree to babysit a baby for a day

by Rawa Rawa 8 months ago

YouTube is getting little too confident with those double ads

by pillstress 6 months ago

When Jeffree Star can't say anything bad about ur makeup you have achieved your life goal

by random human being 6 months ago

I want to see Gordon Ramsey, Simon cowell Naomi campbell and Jeffree star together

by Bangtanforever BTS 3 months ago

why is jeffree introducing himself in his vid, in 2019. . . im shook.

by mel T 6 months ago

Whos back after lady gaga and nikki??

by molly o 6 months ago

jeffree needss to come out with his own skincare line

by Emma Durnin 6 months ago

“Crickets.. nobody cared” lol that was great

by Nadine Elseudy 6 months ago

there should be a “jeffree star approved” stamp on every product that he approves. it could be like a caldecott medal for makeup instead of books

by karina davison 3 months ago

When is jeffree star gonna come out with his own robe line?!? 10/10 would buy.

by Eileen Hyatt 8 months ago

I want to see Jeffree make a weed inspired pallete / collection!!!!! So on brand

by Ryleigh Mullins 6 months ago

I watch these reviews like I’m going to buy them after he approves of them

by nah 6 months ago

Gaga is ICONIC there is literally nothing wrong with her lol

by The PeachChild 1 month ago

Does anyone else love Jeffree Star's hands? Like I want to draw them lmao.

by Shae 6 months ago

Jeffree Star is like the Gordon Ramsey of makeup

by Madilizon 7 months ago

That lip color is giving me Marilyn Manson vibes.

by Ashley Laipply 6 months ago

I never wear makeup yet somehow Jeffree makes me want to sit through a half hour video about makeup and not skip anything, it's incredible lmao

by Phoebe 5 months ago

I believe it’s pronounced “Afro- dye-tee” (Aphrodite ) Greek goddess of love ❤️

by Odor Angel 6 months ago

Jeffree needs to make an all purple palette and call it “Royal blood”

by Alexandra Kwiet 8 months ago

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