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Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I'm going to a #DollarGeneral store for the first time!! Allegedly they have a makeup line called Believe Beauty and the products are ALL $5.00 or less!! Will any of these makeup products be Jeffree Star Approved?? Let's find out...
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jeffreestar photo 1 Trying Dollar General Makeup For... jeffreestar photo 2 Trying Dollar General Makeup For... jeffreestar photo 3 Trying Dollar General Makeup For... jeffreestar photo 4 Trying Dollar General Makeup For...

That girl who got a picture with jeffree acting all chill then freaking out walking back to her a car is a mood

by Amanda Rafalowski 8 months ago

"I wonder if they have the new james Charles pallet"
On god the shade is too much. 😂😂😂

by Jes 2 months ago

I just love how he always asks Christian for his opinion, Like soo many people diss their camera man and jeffree just admires him!!!

by Lupita Rodriguez 2 months ago

Is it funny to anyone else how Jeffree somehow managed to spend $300 at a dollar store??? 🤣🤣🤣

by Ellie Bartylla 1 month ago

when jeffree likes dollar genral makeup more than kylie jenners LMAO

by shannon 7 months ago

“I literally hate brown mascara” 10 seconds later “oooooh I forgot how pretty brown mascara was”😂

by Jackie Young 2 weeks ago

I work at a dollar general after you approved our brand makeup everyone started to switch make up to our brand

by Daylan Weems 2 months ago

He’s just like me whenever i enter the makeup section🙃 literally grab everything

The difference is i put them back later cause im broke af

by Annie Ihn 3 months ago

That’s a FANCY dollar general compared to the one where I live 😂

by d a n i e l l e 2 months ago

“I wonder if they have the new James Charles pallet”

by Sav F 6 months ago

He's humble about where he comes from but deserves every DAMN moment he's had of showing off because he came from the very bottom. It's very inspiring to see someone come from nothing to having everything they could ever dream of and more. ♡ Jeffree Star has reawakened my dreams and I won't give up!

by Stevie Andersen 3 months ago

I can see Jeffree in Costco: "Bitch I got the last toilet paper! Yaaas!" Love him.

by Tazzy5 2 months ago

Jeffree: I'm just going to get all of them. Everything is literally only $5

Me: $2? I'm not trying to go bankrupt geez...I can find cheaper.

by Noelle Ledford 1 month ago

I like how he actually talks with his recording humans. Some YouTubers cut it out

by Samantha Syuhanova 2 months ago

I love how he looks like he’s wearing some expensive ass makeup. Meanwhile I spend my whole paycheck on expensive makeup just too look like I got it at the dollar general....Really shows how much talent has to do with how your makeup looks.

by Alissa Burgan 8 months ago

These products are good for a drug store, but let's be honest. Nobody could have pulled this look off but Jeffree. His makeup skills are absolutely amazing

by Mel Chi 2 months ago

Who else is binge watching Jeffree’s Chanel at am👉👈

by Kelly Ann Coyne 2 months ago

“they have new james charles palette” lol, am i the only one who heard that

by Danish 2 months ago

I love how he doesn't judge the makeup by the price/looks, but he judges it when he tries it. : )

by Clara Johnson 1 month ago

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