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Why My New Palette is CANCELLED... and Revealing Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson

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Hey everyone, welcome BACK to my channel! Today we are going on a makeup adventure of trying new products, full of conversations, emotions and surprises. I discuss why my the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette is cancelled, Shane Dawson and I reveal some NEW makeup items! The new JSC green mirrors and merch are available exclusively on my website starting tomorrow at 10AM PST!
There is also a HUGE giveaway in today's video! I'm going to be sending $2,500 to TEN people... AND also sending $5,000 to TWO people on CASHAPP! THE RULES? Just be subscribed to MY channel, and leave a comment down below! I'll announce on my social media in a few days!
This is for people who really need help right now with bills and life. Let's try and share the love, help a stranger and make someone else smile. We are all going through a lot right now.
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jeffreestar photo 1 Why My New Palette is... jeffreestar photo 2 Why My New Palette is... jeffreestar photo 3 Why My New Palette is... jeffreestar photo 4 Why My New Palette is...

HEY EVERYONE! I didn't mean you have to literally leave a comment saying "high, how are ya?" hahah I was just saying come say HI and leave you feedback here!!!! I'll announce the CASHAPP winners on IG and SnapChat in a few days! LOVE + LIPSTICK!

by jeffreestar 1 month ago

Who else watches Jeffree even though they donโ€™t do makeup.

by Samuel 1 month ago

Jeffree: โ€œHigh, how are ya?โ€ Me: Drinking a bottle of wine while eating a jar of nutella with a side of strawberries then crying because I told myself I'd eat healthy.

by Gabrielle Schioppo 1 month ago

Rest of the world: Coronavirus
Jeffree: "HIGH, HOW ARE YA"

by Ashley Latham 1 month ago

Jeffree: โ€œHigh, How are ya?โ€ Me: Struggling financially but quarantined with my partner and weโ€™re both Healthy and thatโ€™s all I could ask for ๐Ÿฅฐ

by MamiGore 1 month ago

Jeffrey: โ€œHigh, how are ya?โ€ Me: just graduated college and was getting a job with my degree until rona happened and messed everything up. Spent so long is school just to not get my job plusโ€™s not being able to pay school bills and living bills. But lifeโ€™s still good ๐Ÿ˜Š

by Kheldonnie Forthman 1 month ago

"I forgot how normal clothes look like"
Same, Jeffree. Same.

by JANE 3 weeks ago

take a hit every time jeffree refers to a piece of make up as "she"
been playing this game for five years, you'll get baked af everytime. guaranteed.

by Morgan Kae 1 month ago

jeffree: how high are you?
me: laughs nervously and drinks my nutmeg water

by Gabby Pence 1 month ago

Anything and everything helps, knowing everyone is struggling in theyโ€™re own ways. Praying everyone is staying safe! ๐Ÿค

by Zoe Mast 1 month ago

Jeffree: โ€œHigh how are ya?โ€

Me: o you know just using YouTube to cope with the stress of the world.

by MingledAsh0 1 month ago

Jeffree: "High, how are you?"

Me: how high are you

Jeffree: no

Me: sorry im high

Jeffree: how high

You guys don't want to know. LOL Jeffree you look stunning! Watching your videos is always such a good way to bring some good vibes into my day! Keep being amazing and totally yourself. You are so kind!! <3

by Gen Herbst 1 month ago

Teacher: what's ur favorite holiday?
Jeffree: 4/20
Teacher: I-
*takes hit*

by Noelle Jackson 2 weeks ago

Jeffree Star: I forgot what silk felt like.

Me crying in my cotton clothes eating eggos: me too

by Charles Adams 1 month ago

The fact that he can rock any wig, ever, and how he slays having no eyebrows blows my mind. Like i forgot he had none๐Ÿ˜‚

by Nova Moosewater 1 month ago

Jeffree: โ€œHigh, how are ya?โ€
Me: struggling as a single mama with everything going on but grateful for you for taking my mind off things for 38 min ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

by Anais Mejia 1 month ago

i hope everyone who has "some money" and lives totally fine won't join this giveaway anymore. let's give a moment for those who really needs the money especially these hard times ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

by Gwyneth Rojas 1 month ago

I never heard winners for this. I saw Twitter winners but that was for questions he ask, never saw any winners for this. Anyone see it?

by Christy Anthony 2 weeks ago

I love how jeffree has so much money but when something is expensive for makeup HE KEEP IT REAL W US

by chantelle donaghue 1 month ago

Jeffree: โ€œHi, how are ya?โ€

Me as a broke jobless new graduate: drinking my instant coffee with my toast

by Aleco Allen Abe 1 month ago

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