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Hi! I've never shared my pregnancy story but now that Annica is the age I was when I found out........ I thought it was time to sit her down 😜 It's taken a long time for me to stop feeling shameful and start feeling PROUD of us.
Hope you enjoy 💓
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Jennica and Annica photo 1 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING... Jennica and Annica photo 2 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING... Jennica and Annica photo 3 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING... Jennica and Annica photo 4 PREGNANT AT 13 - BECOMING...

IF YALL DONT STOP TALKIN ABOUT ANNICA’S NECK 😂 it’s a straightener burn, it’s scabbing, and she’s not seen another human in over a month bc quarantine c’mon

by Jennica and Annica 3 weeks ago

let’s admit we didn’t search for this, we just watched the whole thing.

by Lauren Thompson 3 days ago

“i made a mistake” “you’re not a mistake” “GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME”

by Jelena Alison 1 week ago

Her at 13: *gets pregnant*
Me at 18: *runs out of the bathroom the second I turn the lights off*

by Em East 1 week ago

Her daughter is so funny. She's so logical for her age.

by Daisy Cuevas 6 days ago

While she was talking about birth, I was for a moment worried, if her baby was ok and healthy etc. Then i realized, that her baby is sitting next to her

by Tori Cat 1 week ago

her: don’t touch boys, don’t look at boy and etc.

me and my dad shaking hands because we both like girls : 👊🏻😎

by Ane Idk 6 days ago

Jennica: you would've popped out in a toilet or something-
YouTube: Let's pop this in everyone's recommendations.

by Desconosida wey 5 days ago

When I was 13 I was opening and closing my fridge to see how the light turned off

by Abraham Martinez 3 weeks ago

I live for Annica's comments,
Jennica: "At this time life jumped back into me"
Annica: "I was already inside of you"

by Clive Bby 1 week ago

Annica- “Day 39 in the chamber, they ain’t found me yet but when they do they gone be surprised”

by Rachel Young 6 days ago

When she’s talking about the American Girl clock and her daughter goes “that just shows how old you are” 😂😂😂 I am 25 and have never felt like just a grandma

by Ari Gateau 1 week ago

“I made a mistake...OhOh No uR NoT a MisTakE” 😂 I died

by Charlie Sadler 6 days ago

her: gets pregnant during 8th grade
me almost in 8th grade: holds my mom’s hand while crossing the street

by apple butter 2 weeks ago

why is no one talking about TOPLESS GRANDMA

by christina 6 days ago

Jennica- I had my period my whole pregnancy.
Me- health class did not teach me of such occurrences. Life is a lie.

by Sam and Colby vs the world 4 days ago


These comments:
"hEr aT 13: pregnant"
"mE aT (their age): not pregnant"

by Your Mom 8 hours ago

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