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Cam Newton Goes Back A Superstar X Factor MVP! Madden 20 Rebuilding The New England Patriots!

#Madden 20 Rebuilding The Patriots #Madden 20 Patriots Realistic Rebuild #Madden 20 Patriots Cam Newton #Madden 20 Patriots Rebuild No Tom Brady #Gaming
We're back with another rebuild on Madden 20 and of course it's a Tuesday so you know it's a special one and this one being a New England Patriots rebuild featuring their new most likely starting quarterback Cam Newton!
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Madden 20 Content Daily! My favorite videos to make are Madden 20 Franchise videos which is either 49ers Franchise, QB1 Face of the Franchise or Buccaneers Franchise! I also like making Madden 20 What ifs and Madden 20 Experiments! I also really enjoy making Madden 20 Realistic Rebuilds and Madden 20 Fantasy Rebuilds! We also do the random Madden 20 Ultimate Team Video as well! Thanks for watching and hopefully you subscribe and stick around! Hope to see you next video, cccyyaaaaa !.
#Madden20CamNewtonPatriotsRebuild #Madden20PatriotsRebuild #Madden20PatriotsRealisticRebuild
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My Gamertag: Jeromepkr
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3rd Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4whPRKpbA4Q

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When r we getting a Trade Block only challenge??

by Aden Rekoon 6 days ago

Fun fact: Cam Newton spelled Patriots wrong at the end of his recent video

by ู‹ 6 days ago

Video 2 of telling Jerome he is the greatest YouTube of all time

by Rish 6 days ago

Jerome: "I don't want to disrespect Slater's legend by putting him at #18"

Also Jerome: Puts him at #18 anyway

by Nick Poulin 6 days ago

Iโ€™m still confused as to why he started with a X factor this year

by Muffledbox 6 days ago

You and bengal have the same exact thumbnail lol. Of course you made a rebuild about cam first so he copied you

by yusufbrogamer 6 days ago

When the video has 110 likes and no dislikes

by JT Young 6 days ago

Coach :โ€œBill belicheeksโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by JJTOFRESHH 24 4 days ago

I mean when i found a player with Dumas i thought it was just a mistake in the filtration. Dumas is just saying bully me at school

by yusufbrogamer 4 days ago

and im demonitized

by Nick 6 days ago

REALISTIC REBUILD - proceeds to cheat by changing player development. What a mug.

by Casey Hanson 1 day ago

When you are trying to think of an original comment to get likes but you just can't think of anything

by Max Husaini 6 days ago

After these past weeks, one of your franchise teams HAS to be the Jets

by Nikhil Karle 6 days ago

Jerome said he already chose one of the teams for a franchise which team is it.

And he should do a Texans franchise if he doesnt have one

by Eshaan Ali 6 days ago

u should do a rebuild where every player has to play out of position

by Eric Artiga 6 days ago

When it snows in foxborough Brady throws for like 500 yards they game plan for the pass so much because no one expects it and Brady goes off

by Evan Hinke 4 days ago

At when he upgrades dont'a hightower his overall drops one

by I.L. Hen 5 days ago

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