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레드벨벳 Red Velvet at award shows

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joohyunisabae photo 1 레드벨벳 Red Velvet at award... joohyunisabae photo 2 레드벨벳 Red Velvet at award... joohyunisabae photo 3 레드벨벳 Red Velvet at award... joohyunisabae photo 4 레드벨벳 Red Velvet at award...

The way Irene steals the microphone from Yeri, I can't-

by Poru 1 month ago

-Wendy's fangirling to Bigbang
-Irene's confusion when crowd cheers seeing her
-Yeri's iconic taking 2 awards
-Seulgi being Yes-jam
-Joy... Just being Joy!
Yes, We Stan this Quality Characters !!! 😂😎

by Lyf for music 1 month ago

I friggin can't, red velvet are so funny. Irene eating the bubble never ceases to amaze me

by Shadowboost 1 month ago

Does Irene still seems cold to you .LMAO .SHE IS NOT COLD SHE IS HOTTT and a MEME.

by Faisal Akhtar 1 month ago

Irene's brain: eat the bubble
Irene: but why
Irene's brain: just do it

by SeiunEMC 1 month ago

irene just swallowed a bubble omg
what did she expect, water lmao

by momoring 1 month ago

Yeri to microphone: *why is this so tall?!?!*

Joy to microphone: *why is this so small?!?!*

by jeoncakes 3 weeks ago

Seulgi's solo poses will forever be iconic lmao

by Lumpkinella 1 month ago

Wherever rv is they always is a mess

by Zami 1 month ago

We love to see Irene instantly regret eating a bubble

by L. DMND 1 month ago

I find that what makes them more loveable is that when they are working, they are sharp, smart, sexy and confident. When they are not working, they are cracking up, silly, and a bunch of dorks. What impresses me the most is they can go from lounge rat to eminent professional with a flip of the switch.

Please keep making videos like this. It showcases both sides of them perfectly. Thank you for your work.

by McKavian 1 month ago

Red velvet forgetting about their award and then taking twice's as well will always be ..... iconic 😎.
Yeri is hilarious 😂😂

by Laila Khan 1 month ago

Irene eating the bubble is so perfect like what did she think was going to happen lmao

by Bryn Stevens 1 month ago

Omg these crackheads... So cute and funny, Irene going "um?" a lot.
Wendy's english speech is always making me smile.

by marina leffy 1 month ago

Yeri getting the wrong trophy will never be unfunny lol

by I wanna cry 1 month ago

Irene: breathes

by 찬사이온 3 weeks ago

lmao the way joy just waited there watching everything happen

by G 1 month ago

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