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Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller production)

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A Glitch in the Matrix: Dr JB Peterson, the Intellectual Dark Web & the Mainstream Media: Documentary by Journalist David Fuller.
David Fuller, who worked at the UK's Channel 4 news for a decade as a producer/director, also recently released Truth in the Time of Chaos (http://bit.ly/2Hm5tfz), a documentary about my work. In A Glitch in the Matrix, he analyzes and assesses my recent viral interview with Cathy Newman, unpacking the deeper political, psychological and archetypal levels of the clash. Background information can be found in this Medium article: http://bit.ly/2C5HBNJ
A Glitch in the Matrix is a Rebel Wisdom production. Extended versions of many of the interviews in the film can be found on the Rebel Wisdom YouTube channel (http://bit.ly/2C3Yk4e). Also see.
Video, Rubin Report: JB Peterson/Ben Shapiro: Frontline of Free Speech: http://bit.ly/2GmM7FQ
Geenstijl Interview with JB Peterson: http://bit.ly/2E0Nw4I
JB Peterson/Cathy Newman: The dark side of feminism: http://bit.ly/2BA30NT
The Rubin Report: What is The Intellectual Dark Web? http://bit.ly/2Gke9S4
Joe Rogan Experience #958: http://bit.ly/2o7gpWu
Joe Rogan Experience #1070: http://bit.ly/2E36hao
Modern Times: Camille Paglia/JB Peterson: http://bit.ly/2EAgBUf
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Jordan B Peterson photo 1 Documentary: A Glitch in the... Jordan B Peterson photo 2 Documentary: A Glitch in the... Jordan B Peterson photo 3 Documentary: A Glitch in the... Jordan B Peterson photo 4 Documentary: A Glitch in the...

Youtube is refreshing.
But don't be fooled, Youtube controls and censors important information as well.

by Twelve Dozen 1 year ago

"It's easy to fool people, It's not easy to convince people they've been fooled."

by Steve Gibbs 1 month ago

YouTube had a chance to kill TV, until they decided to behave exactly like TV

by BACON2369 1 week ago

"Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners." George Carlin

by Jens Frisch 6 days ago

Let’s all pray for Jordan’s recovery, the world needs him more than ever now, ✌🏻❤️

by AlamBarzakh99 1 month ago

Youtube is now "suiciding" through censorship of truth.

by foxy brown 2 weeks ago

“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” ― Albert Einstein

by L R 1 month ago

“ Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated 
are confident they are acting on their own free will.”  — Josef Goebbels.

by Dave Gibson 3 weeks ago

I want so badly to cultivate my feminine side but it’s hard when I live alone and have to take care of everything by myself. I want a man to shovel snow while I make dinner. I want him to change my oil while I mend his clothes. There is nothing wrong with the ying and yang of masculine and feminine energies thriving together, ebbing and flowing.

by Sadie Lanier 1 month ago

The problem now, is that YouTube is behaving just like television media

by Vitalis De Spiritos 2 months ago

“The polarization of culture increases - until people act it out” - talk about prescient.

by Caped Crusader 1 day ago

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” George Carlin —And how is it we always think we’re the smarter ones?

by B Graham 2 weeks ago

Women in politics can be as evil as men in politics. is hilary clinton any better than a man? Nope she is pure evil. All this men/women arguments are for sick blind plastic people.

by Family Sounds channel 2 weeks ago

Jordon has a massive heart and respect for everyone as well as being clever..wishing him and family well.

by Matthew Smith 1 week ago

“Jordan Peterson theory” is what used to be called common sense.

by blue diamond gem 8 months ago

Sometimes there is a glitch on YouTube where they keep recommending Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan videos, whether you want to watch them or not

by BaronVonTacocat 1 month ago

Sadly Youtube has not lived up to it’s heralded “Mainstream TV Killer”, it is censored and restricted by the same dark thinking that has now taken over everything. In short it has become another dumbed down manipulator of views for the masses. If you missed that, just check out what is Trending, all trash pop culture, game playing for the brainwashed and nothing of any substance.

All channels questioning the status quo are being repressed and now Youtube pastes Wikipedia messages as banners on sites that contradict the desired establishment message. Just search out anything questioning the faddish “Climate Change”.

by blxtothis 4 weeks ago

Its creepy watching this today with the US burning down as we speak.

by codee comah 3 days ago

YouTube recommended this to me, that means watch with caution

by Hafe 1 month ago

This. I feel like these days the role of women is being down played by women themselves. They talk about stay at home mothers like they're the lowest of the low. Some sort of slave or trophy. Why is it not good enough to be a mother any longer? Why can't women just be women? Since when is it a menial job to take care of a family and keep it together? Since when raising a child is demeaning? This saddens me to no end, to be quite honest.

by Cristi Neagu 2 years ago

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