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Ferris Bueller's Day Off | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

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Bueller? Bueller? Josh gathers the cast of Ferris Bueller--as well as some VERY special surprise guests--to pay tribute to one of the most iconic films of the 80's and the man who created it. Be here at 9am PT/12pm ET on June 28th, because you know, life moves pretty fast.... and you are not going to want to miss this!
Directed by James Merryman
Produced by Meghan Monaco
Executive Produced by Taylor Stuewe
Edited by Will Newell & Alex Stuewe
FEATURING, Matthew Broderick
Alan Ruck
Mia Sara
Jennifer Grey
....and many more!
Thank you to our episode partner Barefoot Wine. Barefoot believes in bringing communities together, so they are sponsoring this episode of Reunited Apart and will be kicking off our fundraising efforts this week with a $25,000 donation. And thank you to all of you who are able to add on to this donation this week as well. For this episode, we’re fundraising for CORE. CORE provides financial relief when a food and beverage employee with children faces a health crisis, death or natural disaster. As the world faces the biggest pandemic in our lifetime, they continue to honor their mission by providing support to families affected by COVID-19.

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I’m surprised “the breakfast club” was not done.

by 2SiccAudio 10 hours ago

If you didn't have a huge smile on your face throughout this whole piece, you're a monster. Thanks a million, Josh, and all the cast members.

by Dan Golding 10 hours ago

Oh man. That montage at the end with all the actors and actresses reprising lines from John Hughes movies really got me in the feels. 🥺

by Illustraful 10 hours ago

John Hughes movies will never be bettered by anyone else ever.

by Skywalker ranch 9 hours ago

When Josh said this is the last one "of the summer", that gives me hope it'll return for another run.

by Illustraful 10 hours ago

Alan Ruck was the movie's secret weapon- he was effortlessly funny and whimsical.

by DarkeningSkies1 8 hours ago

Now that... was BRILLIANT, especially the ending.

by HITMAN FLASH 10 hours ago

A shame “The lost boys” wasn’t done. A real shame considering Joel Schumacher (the director) just passed away.

by Maximum Overload 4 hours ago

I would love to see the 2h and 45 minute version of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

by Rumi Gilani 10 hours ago

I guess I never realise just how many brilliant and iconic movies John Hughes had made. Him and Steven Spielberg basically were my childhood.

by Captain Chaos 8 hours ago

"What's the score?"
"Nothin', Nothin'"
"Who's winning?"
"....The Bears"

by Mark Szewczyk 8 hours ago

Awww the John Hughes tribute with the guest stars made my teenage years all come flooding back in an instant ❤, I just wish there were movies out in the future that my kids could embrace as much as I did all those years ago.. these films formed my friendships and my life xx

by Lisa Gunter 10 hours ago

next reunited "Fast times at ridgemont high" who doesnt love Phoebe Cates...... Mr. Hand.... SPICOLI.. did i say PHOEBE CATES <3

by Borton Maverick 8 hours ago

I loved the reunion, but that John Hughes tribute at the end was my favorite part of this reunion.

by Tomomatic 9 hours ago

Im gonna have some type of withdrawal knowing there is not going to be an episode soon. We need to reunite characters from ET, Terminator, Top Gun, Lethal Weapon etc.

by Jay Tee 10 hours ago

John Hughes was the Steven Spielberg AND the George Lucas of teen & family movies in the 80's! Great video, made my day! 👍 😎

by Piero Luciano 8 hours ago

For all the where is Jeffrey Jones comments… Just Google him and you’ll see why he’s not here.

by DW3010 9 hours ago

John Hughes was and still is a movie god, the tribute was amazing

by Steve Richardson 9 hours ago

Alan looks like he's testing his Old Harrison Ford costume

by oldirtybrza 10 hours ago

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