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Charli & Dixie Damelio Leave The HypeHouse! #TeaTok RiceGum Roasts Bryce Hall!

Today the boys & I make fun of the social media drama that's taken place in the last week. Turns out we were involved in nearly all of it. oh well, just another week in the sway house.
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Josh Richards photo 1 Charli & Dixie Damelio Leave... Josh Richards photo 2 Charli & Dixie Damelio Leave... Josh Richards photo 3 Charli & Dixie Damelio Leave... Josh Richards photo 4 Charli & Dixie Damelio Leave...

Nessa and Quinton seem like siblings. Idk y but they just do
Edit:thanks for all the likes (1.7k)

by Safiya Dadipatel 2 weeks ago

Nessa looks like she thinks she’s not allowed to talk.

Edit: Thanks for all of the likes it’s the most I’ve ever had (and now that y’all said it Ik she’s shy)

by LJ Pigs 2 weeks ago

literally no one is talking about Nessa's reaction when girls' butts show up and her look at Josh –

by Ralitsa Petrova 2 weeks ago

"we are half good people"
one week later: getting arrested....

by Flavor 1 week ago

who is here after the bryce and jadden arrest situation?

by Just Simon 1 week ago

who else noticed that Quinton is really opening up and getting more comfortable in these videos

by Rylan Sloan 2 weeks ago

I love Nessa’s laugh. She’s just chilling between josh and Quinton looks like she’s smaller than I thought 😂

by Jessica Lowery 1 week ago

Nessa’s laugh literally makes me smile like the Cheshire Cat. She is literally the most chilled and nice girl ever! I love her so muchhhh

by volerpic asher 1 week ago

Why does Bryce look like that one uncle with the slight drinking problem and only comes to visit during winter!

by Myla Dionne 2 weeks ago

Bruh josh and the boys are acting like nessa is not there

by stevie Frazier 1 week ago

I feel like slowly but surely Quinton is getting more confident and being himself around the boys more

by Aaishah Gordon 2 weeks ago

Jaden: Quinton are you dating Cynthia
Quinton: No
Jaden: Then why the f is this an issue
Me: This is why everyone loves Jaden

by itsleelee 1 week ago

Jaden: Quinton are you dating Cynthia
Quinton: No.
Quinton to Cynthia: “That’s not cheating if i wasn’t with your ass”

by Anaiya Green 2 weeks ago

Why won’t nessa talk? She’s just laughing the whole time but every time she try’s to talk they talk so she stops-

by Aniaya Baker 1 week ago

Quinton mumbles to Nessa, "I don't really know whats going on"
Did anyone else catch that? lmao

by Allie LaCava 2 weeks ago

Quinton: breathes

by Anonym 2054 2 weeks ago

Wow just shows how toxic tiktok is when there is no "🧕🏿🧕🏿🧕🏿" comments

by Emily Perrott 1 week ago

Nessa was like 😳 when Quinton placed his leg on her thighs lmfao. Such a qt

by Special Tea 1 week ago

Nessa is just sitting there listening to the tea ☕️

by leticia Hawkins 2 weeks ago

Why don’t they also talk about all Nessa’s drama, since it’s a TeaTok? 😂

by Kit Kat 2 weeks ago

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