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Kenzie Ziegler & Isaac Presley Break Up! #TeaTok Jaden Hossler Drops Angels and Demons!

#tiktokgirls #funny #tiktokboys #swayhouse #Comedy
Today the boys & I joke around about the drama that's been circulating this past week. Don't take this to serious we just like to joke about sh*t. If you can't handle jokes go watch buzzfeed or something.
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#Tiktokboy #hypehouse #Tiktok #comedy

Josh Richards photo 1 Kenzie Ziegler & Isaac Presley... Josh Richards photo 2 Kenzie Ziegler & Isaac Presley... Josh Richards photo 3 Kenzie Ziegler & Isaac Presley... Josh Richards photo 4 Kenzie Ziegler & Isaac Presley...

Are we going to talk about Bryce and Addison’s duet

by Addison Mcilveen 2 weeks ago


guy: dies in the background

Josh,bryce and Jayden: casually continues talking

by maryooma. .periodtt 1 week ago

who’s here after bryce and jaden went to jail. 😂 i love them so no hate !

by Abbey Comai 1 week ago

me waiting for the next tea tok after they got arrested like 👁👄👁

by Olivia 1 week ago

No one:
Literally no one:
*Josh and Bryce interrupting Jaden everytime he's trying to speak *

by Fatima 1 week ago

Jaden: “sorry I’m talking a lot”

Hunny we want you to talk MORE

by C A S S I D Y 1 week ago

“Jaden didn’t do that much” gets arrested 5 days later “damn maybe he did” no offence to jaden but like why weed?

by Carrie-Anne Petrie 1 week ago

whos here after bryce n jaden got arrested👋

by daisy isabella 1 week ago

my grandkids: where did you get your news during corona?
me: teatok

by sidney 1 week ago

Josh: “speaking of flirting, bryce and ricegum have been flirting back and forth”😂😂
Jaden: “dude i get it why people hate us”😂😭

by Nishtha 1 week ago

Teatok is the only thing keeping me sane In quarantine

by Rosalind Eccles 2 weeks ago

I can’t wait till the next teatok when they talk about jail😂😂☠️

by sophia cho 1 week ago

I am surprised that they didn't talk about the Asher and Annie break up.

by Sammi Lmao 1 week ago

When are they doing a teatok about Bryce and Jaden getting arrested?

by Grace Gastelum 1 week ago

If he doesn’t do a TikTok today explaining
I’m talking about Jaden and Bryce that are in jail..... imma cry, I know why.... I just don’t really want to believe it :(

by Samantha Gowa 1 week ago

jaden: no shirt
josh: shirt
bryce: hoodie
so how’s the weather sway boys?

by Ninaa aww 2 weeks ago

Anyone rewatching teatok because they miss the sway boys bc they’re in jail:(

by Áine Shannon 1 week ago

they should put a crown on jaden's head he is the only one making sense

by SEVİNÇ DOKUCU 1 week ago

I love how they were just talking about Griffin like he doesn’t live with them 😂

by emm 1 week ago

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