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Are We Heading for War With China?

JRE Clips photo 1 Are We Heading for War... JRE Clips photo 2 Are We Heading for War... JRE Clips photo 3 Are We Heading for War... JRE Clips photo 4 Are We Heading for War...

"Made in Taiwan" Who's old enough to remember that?

by RMTX 25 1 month ago

Tim pool talks like a non-Jewish version of Ben Shapiro.

by B33 San 1 day ago

“According to the AP” this is why the rest of the world knows we’re stupid

by In on The Fool Killer 2 days ago

So interesting to see a person full of BS and confidence.

by Jerry W 2 days ago

Tim pool looks like he would be a really aggressive and rude Dungeon Master

by A-VeryJudgementalGuy 1 month ago

This guy comes on with “Buzzfeed Facts”?...seriously? Gtfo😂🤦🏼‍♂️

by Tee-Aitch 1 month ago

Good to see this guys still getting a solid amount of drugs in him despite the lockdown.

by Carl Willis 1 month ago

China have done more harm than the USSR ever did during the cold war. Their asymmetric warfare techniques are straight out of Sun Zu and exactly how you take a more powerful opponent with more resources down (USA).

by King of the Bridge 1 week ago

"I get my information from peripheral sources."

by Cordinia 1 month ago

"i'm not a military expert but let me tell you about a grand scale war with another nuclear nation that also sells us half of the shit we buy"

by Rock girl 4 weeks ago

"It hard to know though.."

Ya. That would require at least a cursory study of the relevant history..and probably also looking into the topic with any degree of depth or scrutiny.


by straightcash4444 1 month ago

"what kind of weapon do they have that can do that?"..."im not entirely sure"🤣

by will bladi 1 month ago

"I dont want to go down in history as the guy who destroyed the world"

by Heo Price 2 days ago

This is the guy that does the voice overs for medicine side effects.

by JupiterDMNDS 1 month ago

Hahaha still asking that question when it's obvious we are already losing the "war" with China but people are still waiting for guns to be fired. Neanderthals

by fuma seven 1 month ago

If this is a war they already started the chemical warfare no bullets needed

by dacoda1990 1 month ago

What does eddy think , toe .
“That video was crazy “ ..... really that’s the one that got ya ?

by Justin Kennedy 1 month ago

Seriously...why did I even watch 10 seconds of this guy😂 ..I know everything!!! What I say is FACT🤣

by LeadMunitions 1 month ago

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