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Daryl Davis' Tense First Meeting with a Klan Member | Joe Rogan

JRE Clips photo 1 Daryl Davis' Tense First Meeting... JRE Clips photo 2 Daryl Davis' Tense First Meeting... JRE Clips photo 3 Daryl Davis' Tense First Meeting... JRE Clips photo 4 Daryl Davis' Tense First Meeting...

the man went straight up and talked to the CEO of racism.

by Waleed Al-khateib 3 weeks ago

Wouldn't it be funny if after taking a sip of his water he'd start speaking softly?

by Jose Luis Robles 1 month ago

Daryl Davis: โ€œI could hear his eyesโ€

Joe: โ€œSo you HAVE tried DMT!โ€

by MC 90 1 month ago

That way he planted that seed in the story with the soda and then turned it into an incredible analogy about fearing and hating the unknown out of ignorance was jaw-droppingly eloquent

by Max Neville 1 month ago

quite literally had a word with the ceo of racism.

by YAMZA 8 4 months ago

This man sounds like testosterone

by Z U C C 3 weeks ago

Joe. The only interviewer to let the interviewee finish what they're saying.

by HustlerMitch 1 month ago

โ€œWhy should I be offended by someone who knows nothing about meโ€ ๐Ÿ‘ thx I will keep that note.

by Guitar Grader 2 weeks ago

So this black man and white woman walk into a Klan bar...

by Brinky Brinkz 1 month ago

When he started talking about ignorance leading to hatred, hatred leading to destruction. I thought I was watching a real life Yoda lesson.

by Wouter de vries 3 months ago

This guys voice so deep it turned my house into a vibrator and my wife came.

by toasteh 1 month ago

No joke. I was glued to every word. He has a hell of a way.

by dungoist 1 month ago

I unnecessarily cleared my throat about 137 times while I watched this.

by Kaycee Hapi 4 weeks ago

Davis: "I'm a musician, I can't chase the clan on a Saturday"
Joe: "It's just a hobby" lmao

by Isaiah Rodriguez 1 month ago

If mountains could talk, their voices would sound like this dude's.

by john stark 4 months ago

"Why should I be offended by someone who knows nothing about me?"

Damn. That's solid.

by Abdulla Zubair 1 month ago

Him and Joey diaz need to talk together. They both sound like they smoked 10 packs of cigarettes a day.

by Billybadass 1 month ago

Guy must have some serious back pain after carrying around those massive balls.

by Random Ashe 3 months ago

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