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Elon Musk Thinks Coronavirus isn’t as Lethal as What We’ve Been Led to Believe

JRE Clips photo 1 Elon Musk Thinks Coronavirus isn’t... JRE Clips photo 2 Elon Musk Thinks Coronavirus isn’t... JRE Clips photo 3 Elon Musk Thinks Coronavirus isn’t... JRE Clips photo 4 Elon Musk Thinks Coronavirus isn’t...

You can tell Elon musk doesn't want to say what he really thinks.

by guymon82ify 3 weeks ago

A lot of people could learn from Elon. As smart as he is, he’s still slow to speak and chooses his words carefully. Instead of a lot of guests who can’t wait to spout off everything they think they know

by Jarod Rochell 2 days ago

Elon needs to update his connection, he buffers too often

by CanadaRulez4Ever 1 week ago

Elon Musk is choosing his words VERY carefully. Doesn’t want to say what he is actually thinking. Or knows....

by Aaron Jupp 1 week ago

“Seems like some people really wanted a panic, quite crazy actually.”

by Marcus C 23 hours ago

I don’t like the new comment layout WTF - YouTube is the worst

by Sweeps6334 3 weeks ago

Elon replies like he's in a Bethesda game reading and going through all the choices to answer

by Matt 2Dragonborn4u 1 week ago

Is it just me or does Elon always look like he's about to burp?

by Don Flamenco 1 week ago

I feel for Elon, he wanted to say what he was really thinking about the virus and the panic and lockdown but but knows its against the mainstream media narrative and he's not sure where Joe stands, so he's choosing his words very carefully.

by Matt K 3 days ago

Elon Musk talks like he is still stoned from the last interview.

by Geodeezy OG 6 days ago

Musk is being really careful with his words. He knows what’s up

by Randy 3 weeks ago

My son is 9-years old and he washes his hands every time he uses the bathroom or eats a meal. But his motive is that he wants to keep his laptop keyboard clean.

by Nathan Freeman 1 week ago

I can’t tell if Elon is tired or just being picky about the things he’s saying

by The MentalistXY 1 week ago

He sounds like a robot because clearly he can’t say what he’s REALLY thinking.

by TJ Surferboi 1 week ago

Sounds like the ventilators are killing peeps.

by Joshua Simi 3 days ago

Elon is speaking as if someone is standing behind that curtain with a gun about to shoot him if he says anything wrong

by Davis Watkins 1 week ago

Elon talks like hes sorting through all the NDA's hes signed to make sure he doesnt incriminate himself. He knows stuff he cant tell us.

by Austin Preister 1 week ago

Whenever Elon pauses like "well..." or "uh..." i feel like hes processing a dumbed-down version of what he was gonna say originally

by harrisdawg69 6 days ago

the last 40 seconds wtf, Elon said this virus is like a practice run for something much bigger, in the near future that will have a much higher mortality rate.
Is that a client because Elon seems he held a lot back in this.

by Rob Let 21 hours ago

So what did we learn from this then?

Joe rogan doesn’t wash his hands

by LLOYDBOATS 1 week ago

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