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Joe Rogan Ponders Move to Texas, Calls Bryan Callen

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California ppl: “I’m leaving to Texas”

Texas ppl: “🤬🤬🤬”

by roy777 p 2 weeks ago

You can't tell by his jokes, but performing standup is really important to Joe Rogan.

by Mr Bigface 2 weeks ago

Guaranteed he votes for the same policies that made him leave LA when he moves to Texas.

by Brenbolone 1 week ago


by Shasta Pineberry 2 weeks ago

Then our friend joe remembered that in fact weed is not legal in Texas

by Matthew 2 weeks ago

Texas is great because it's full of Texans, not Californians.

by Peter Gutierrez 2 weeks ago

Joe Rogan considers moving to Texas while chain smoking blunts.

by inteq9 2 weeks ago

People are fighting for their liberation in the most liberal state. How ironic

by Chief 1 week ago

Joe really ignores his guests when they are less alpha than him

by King Of Dat 2 weeks ago

Elon : I'm moving Texas

Joe : I'm moving to Texas

by Rami Ghalib 2 weeks ago

I’m a born and bred Houstonian. It’s hotter then two cats humpin’ in a wool sock in the summer but I wouldn’t live anywhere else if you paid me.

by Chris G 2 weeks ago

“I think I’ll vote for Bernie.” “I think I’m gonna leave CA cause of taxes and government regulations.” Incoherent liberal says what?

by Mike In Indy 2 weeks ago

Joe acting like he needs to do standup and as if thats his main thing is hilarious

by Bruv M8 2 weeks ago

Don't bring your stupid voting habits to Texas.

by Chris Valdez 2 weeks ago

If you plan on moving to Texas PLEASE remember why you’re leaving California and do NOT come here and vote for the same policies that are forcing you to contemplate moving.

by David Gray 2 weeks ago

Oh?Living in a far left leaning totalitarian state sucks does it? Who would have thought that!

by gureno19 2 weeks ago

"they can't blow up the whole economy for just that." lol california ..." hold my beer"

by krystofer66 2 weeks ago

Bro, Austin is extremely crowded, taxes are not cheap and traffic is terrible...

by J Ernst 2 weeks ago

Joe Rogan: “taxes in California are getting too high” Also Joe Rogan: “I really like Bernie Sanders, I’m going to vote for him”. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ You morons do it to yourselves by electing politicians who literally tell you they will raise taxes.

by Milky Way Mike 2 weeks ago

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