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Joe Rogan Reacts to 3 month Extension of LA Shelter in Place Order

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Joe: How are people going to feed themselves?

MSNBC & CNN: Alt right comedian wants people to die.

by Jim Curram 2 weeks ago

"LA is the densest county in America."
You got that right.

by Jason Gurch 1 week ago

The comment section gives me hope. This is the worst guest ever and heโ€™s gotta be working for the deep state. All kidding aside, heโ€™s totally clueless!

by Denise Milfort 6 days ago

Tom Papa is so clueless. Heโ€™s completely detached from the reality of 95% of the population

by Zarathustra Boppalomynous 2 weeks ago

Tom Papa's other vehicle is a Prius, and his first one is a seatless unicycle.

by Adam GS 1 week ago

Tom is one of those people who say "Why don't the homeless just buy a house?!."

by Bisskits 2 weeks ago

this guyโ€™s giving the governor way too much credit

by jackie hatcher 1 week ago

"once you start telling people what to do it's really hard to stop" very true

by George Christopher 1 week ago

This guest looks like heโ€™s involved in pizzagate.

by Introvertador J 1 week ago

Tom papa is like one of Rogers cringy personas if American Dad was real life

by Cleveland Muller 1 week ago

Beach is open, parking lots are closed, in other words, rich people who live on the beach can be there.

by Chris Carelock 2 weeks ago

I'm going to give Joe less than a year before he moves to Austin.

by Grumpy Coder 1 week ago

I wanted to hear Joe talk about this topic but this guest is just friggin' horrible. So out of touch and lacking self-awareness. It's like he has no idea how poor people get by and is just rich/spoiled/clueless.

by Deathbrewer 1 week ago

This guy is aggravating ... and wrong half the time.

by Jay Bennett 1 week ago

Fishing but NO CHAIRS. I wonder how many intellectual "deep thinkers" it took to decide that CHAIRS were the bridge too far.

by Isaac 1 week ago

You can tell this guest has zero idea how poor people get by.

by Daniel Oren 2 weeks ago

According to new Dutch insights into the way the virus spreads it is virtually impossible to get the virus outside. The beach or your bicycle is one of the safest places. You stick a bunch of old people into a home, crank up the airco to keep them happy and docile, then you are actually responsible for mass invections. The airco circulates the virus constantly making for more severe invections. Slaughterhouses have the same problems. If you have air-conditioning at home, rather switch it off and open the windows as they do in Cuba. You have more chance of getting VD on the beach than Corona.

by Antonie de Vry 1 week ago

So this is why Joe's going to Spotify. No doubt YouTube threatened him with a good ol' "policy violation" for this one.

by megan logan 1 week ago

Joe says he's more liberal than conservative? Every place he commented on is run by liberals. Does he not see that!?

by Don Johnson 1 week ago

I found a place to fact check the guest's comment about LA County being the densest in the US. Actually it's #47. Behind counties like Milwaukee County and Ramsey Co (MN).

by Scott McKinley 6 days ago

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