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Joe Rogan Reacts to Trump's Press Secretary Shutting Down Reporter

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Jamie's never been so slow bringing up a clip

by Morgan McRay 3 weeks ago

Now everyone is gonna start calling Joe an alt righty again because he laughed at the ridiculous nerds at these pointless press briefings. Those people are only there to grandstand, real news is dead when it comes to the mainstream networks.

by eddie julian 1 day ago

Legend has it that Jamie is still crying about the question being a set up

by Io 2 days ago

The other day I saw a white house reporter ask a real question, that the American people might be interested in, actually seeking information, with out making a statement disguised as a question, in a respectful way. I Could not believe it! My mouth dropped open, and I had to pinch myself to see if i was awake. It was AMAZING!

by Benju 1 day ago

She had Lucille hidden under that podium read to smack him down.

by Pho8os 2 days ago

Reporter: "You were prepared for that."
Her: "I guess that shows how predictable your attempted attacks are."

by Digital Nomad Investor 3 weeks ago

Who's the Soy Boy behind command HQ!? Give him a written warning.

by Lou Carpenter 3 days ago

Joeโ€™s getting a hard on over the new press secretary.

by Chuck Ananda 3 days ago

She's probably the hottest WH press sec. ever. Very nimble as well.

by Mark Keith 3 days ago

โ€œA lion should not be so concerned about the opinion of the sheep.โ€ Damn straight.

by James Williams 2 days ago

I love that Joe can say he leans left, but still calls out leftist bs when he sees it (as well as conservative bs). Oddly enough, being objective is a lost art in this polarized country. What a breath of fresh air.

by Jonathan Jones 3 weeks ago

"Jamie pull that up"
"Pull what up joe?"
"Your resignation"

by Brandon Dann 1 week ago

Jamie seems real bewildered and triggered bout that lady lol

by Zack Harris 1 week ago

Woah, woah, woah -- Jamie's cryin'.

by Nebohtes 4 days ago

Every day she gives โ€œThe Ass Handers Awardโ€ out LMAO ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

by Rojo Devo 20 hours ago

"You were prepared for that!"
And? Since when is being prepared for something a bad thing?

by PacificRimNZ 3 weeks ago

โ€œYou were prepared for thatโ€ and wtf does that change๐Ÿ˜‚

by PROD BB_666 6 days ago

They say Jamie can still be heard crying when the studio is quiet!

by Tim Bones 1 week ago

Imagine a fat man-babyโ€™s excuse for losing a fight is โ€œno-fair ;[ you were prepared!โ€ Lol sad

by butterandjamtoast 1 week ago

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