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Joe Rogan's Thoughts on Slap Fighting, "Jeff Goldblum" Street Fight, Praying Mantises

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Joe “don’t show the clip” Rogan

by Simon W. 6 days ago

It’s called “stone faces” a show organised by Ameran Sardarov a famous Russian YouTube media person.The judge is Kiril Sarichev he is strongman/weightlifter.The black guy is Brazilian MMA fighter been beaten by Fedor Emelienenko.His opponent Is their Russian champ “Pelmen” which means dumpling,he is a guy from a country trying to make money for harvester for his farm.They have to slap accurately to certain area that’s why the white powder used can win by KO,Refusal to continue or the people decide which slaps were harder.If they been voted draw they split the money.The idea of slapping contest they got from USA but in Russia its has gotten more popular then where they brought it from.Also I suggest to watch other Amiran’s show FIGHT FOR HYPE. Guys put some likes so Joe Rogan get to know more about this!

by Koko Jambo 5 days ago

Someone needs to tell Joe about the ballad of Vasily Kamotskiy: the poor farmer who took the world of slap fighting by storm who only took up the sport so he could afford a new tractor. He's the guy in the orange vest in this.

by Zong Zoogly 5 days ago

Joe- I can't believe people are laughing and cheering when someone get's violently KO'd

Joe Rogan during any ufc fight.....

by Mark Bussey 6 days ago

He hasn’t crawled in to the cave of Russian girls butt slapping championship

by Arvin Arvid 3 days ago

"They were all laughing and smiling while this guy went unconcsious, thats so odd!"

The moment when the mma commentator has 0 self awareness

by Cyber Exile 5 days ago

“Oh they have rules” “well they’re not barbarians”

by miranda frye 4 days ago

Boxing more than 100 years ago: we're gonna create weight classes to even out the power difference
Russian slap fights:

by francesco la pietra 4 days ago

“Years of meth and inactivity will bind the hips”

by Jordan Mathis 5 days ago

Joe: "They see someone get knocked out and laugh, what's wrong with people?"

Me everytime I see someone get knocked out:

by 5AMURA1 6 days ago

I lost it when he said “bink”

by J Paulo 6 days ago

Had a preying mantis as a pet when I was a kid. Big fun for me and friends to watch him fight various opponents and then eat them. He fought bees, hornets, spiders, lizards, frogs and beetles. Won every time.

by Stan Davison 6 days ago

Praying mantis' are actually really nice to people. You can literally pick them up and they just look around. They're awesome.

by The Sedrick Channel 6 days ago

It is so frustrating hearing joe talking about something incredible and not being able to see the clips he’s talking about.

by scott Mckenzie 5 days ago

The streetfighter with the kicks was composed and fluid,got off combos and kicks. He looked better than MOST of the streetfighters we see on YouTube.

by Bronze Tiger 6 days ago

Why don't they show the clips so I don't have to spend time finding the video to see exactly what they are talking about?

by Timo Junttila 2 days ago

Joe “it’s almost like it’s not real because it’s slapping” Rogan

by Nick M 3 days ago

“They have no idea how bad that is”

Commentates UFC fights lmao

by Eber Amezcua 5 days ago

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