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Joe Rogan - Teddy Atlas on Mike Tyson

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1.Mike bullied relentlessly as a child
father no guidance no Idol
3.Mother was a sex worker when he was a child left to fend for himself
4.Was Adopted by Cus his only father who died when he was 19.
5.Fell into Don kings clutches stole majority of his money
6.Was cheated on by his wife and love Robin Givens who also robbed alot of his money.
7. Got sent to prison for years for rape that most people believe people he didnt do and was wrongly convicted of
Daughter died
Came out of a major drug addiction.

You say this mans not a fighter go and have a long walk man.

by Darth Revan 7 months ago

Teddy atlas: the type of dude to take back your birthday present.

by H M 5 days ago

Props to Rogan for staying quiet and letting him finish his point, even though I'm sure Joe disagrees

by lakers224 2 months ago

He’s bitter at this point. Mike came up against all odds. He’s a great man now. Better then ever.

by Chadisms 2 months ago

I just watched Mike make up with Holyfield and cry with Leonard in front of the whole world. Teddy needs to see the whole picture.

by The Semi-athletic Dad 2 months ago

I like Teddy’s logic, but I have to disagree. OUTSIDE the ring Mike has been tested over and over and is still walking tall. The adversity Mike has faced throughout his life would crush 99.99% of men

by slydogg616 7 months ago

This guy so salty even cannibals wouldn’t eat him.

by Mamba Mentality 2 months ago

This is the reason why Tyson is back ..... saying ... “the gods of war want me to go to battle again “ ....

by Bosshogg210 2 weeks ago

My father was a writer for many years with Sports Illustrated. He first met Cus in the 1950’s and became very good friends with him. They talked all the time. Shortly after Cus first got Mike into the ring , Cus called my dad and said that he has a 13 year old kid who will end up being the youngest heavyweight of all time. Cus was 100 percent convinced. Cus also thought that Mike could end up being the greatest of all time but he said that there were too many variables to make that claim.

Here is my view on what happened with Mike. He loved and worshipped Cus. And Mike also liked and respected greatly his manager, Jimmy Jacobs. Mike ended up losing Cus and Jimmy at a young age (21). Jimmy and Cus (especially Cus) could tell Mike what to do and he would do it. Without either one of them around, the limit to which Mike would listen to his trainers diminished over time. To a degree he became uncontrollable and unteachable and that became his downfall. That does not mean I don’t respect what Mike achieved. But I do think that if Cus had lived a longer life Mike would have achieved even more.

by Peter Boyle 2 months ago

This what bitterness sounds like.

by Essatu Te 2 weeks ago

how tough was Tyson neighborhood if people pick on a 180 pound 11 year old.

by Odin Coulombe 1 year ago

Tyson was ONE OF THE GREATEST he overcome a lot of things in this life. He is a winner

by Andrew Davies 2 weeks ago

Tyson overcame addiction, the death of his child, no parents or family I'd say that was some of the hardest situations any man would face. He overcame I'd say

by Stephane Groulx 6 days ago

He keep saying it’s not sour grapes cuz he knows that’s exactly what it is.

by Geezy81 81 2 months ago

Forget where Mike came from... Think about this: Mike says that he was scared to death before EVERY SINGLE fight. For him to do what he did despite being scared is absolutely the mark of a Champion. There’s nothing Teddy’s ever done in his life to the level that Mike did. You said it yourself; life is like a fight and is about the obstacles one has overcome. What have YOU overcome, Teddy? Thought so. If you switched roles and had to go through what he went through, would we have ever heard of you? Would you have even survived???

by Jersey Niner 2 months ago

To go from hiding in the wall to heavyweight champ is winning to me.

by T MO 1 year ago

This schmuck ted atlas could not have survived what Mike Tyson went through.

by marie albergo 2 months ago

When you hate somebody so badly that you can not even acknowledge his success.

by Abhishek Guleria 1 month ago

He talks like he’s talking to someone in his head as well as joe.

by Hussain Ayed 2 months ago

What Teddy is talking about applies to all of us.

by ToddAndelin 3 months ago

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