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Joe Rogan Weighs In On Trump’s Clash with Asian-American Reporter

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“Why did u say that specifically to me?”
“Because your the one who asked me”

by John Morris 5 days ago

Tom Papa wants nothing to do with Rogan's repeated point that the media are anti-Trump.

by Clay Gilchrist 2 days ago

She asked a loaded question and was ready to play the victim when she gets a loaded answer.

by J. Kingsmith 1 day ago

Joe Rogan wants to ride two horses at the same time. Afraid to lose viewers

by kevin Nichol 1 day ago

I honestly can't stop laughing every time how Trump says "Chi-na!"

by Necramonium 5 days ago

This has to be the single dumbest take on anything ever.

by Zach Crouse 1 day ago

I don't think she was giving her question, I think she was saying "I just wanted to let my colleague finish" as a reason why she didn't respond when he called on her.

by Ekton 1 day ago

Since when did China own the rights to being Asian? Wtf? Most Asians dislike China!

by GenX Autrucity 2 days ago

Reporter: Sir why did you say that to me, specifically?
And rational person: Because you asked the question.

by Michael Hansen 1 day ago

“Ask CHI-NAH!”... will never get old.😭

by Sarah Sanusi 5 days ago

The truth of the matter is these "journalists" are going out of their way to anger President Trump with their questions. The best way too react to these people is too walk away. Better than arguing, you'll never win.

by neal ruth 1 day ago

"Mr. President why are other countries doing more testing than us? We need more testing! We're all going to die...aaahhhh". One month after US testing ramps up. "Mr. President why are you telling us the US is doing more testing than other countries? Who cares?"

by Peter G 2 days ago

I feel like he handled it good, theres no point in even acknowledging it

by Biglift 20 hours ago

When dealing with others peoples children, you have to walk away... overcoming the desire to slap them until they piss on you.

These press conferences remind me of the out of control daycare center my wife worked at. Just walk away.

by Michael Mercier 1 day ago

He has literally asked 20 different reporters the same thing....of all stripes.

I’m over the race baiting.

by pilategrove 5 days ago

You've got the story wrong Joe - the reporter was saying that she was letting her college finish before approaching the Mic and was upset that Trump skipped her (clearly because she was taking too long to ask a question)

by Moe Assaf 2 days ago

It never was this way, because the news used to just be the news, not attacking for their agenda.

by jasonlprather1 2 days ago

This lead in would be more honest if they called her a communist agent...

by Mike MacEntee 2 days ago

I won't confuse the media's racism and TDS for the president's character.

by Brian 1 day ago

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