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Michael Yo Details His Harrowing Coronavirus Experience | Joe Rogan

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This Virus doesn't sound nearly as painful as the new layout for the YouTube comments section

by otmanh 3 weeks ago

This week on JRE:
Mon: The virus is bullshit we have to get back to work
Tues: The virus is no joke we have to be careful
Wednesday: Liberate America! Its just the flu
Thursday: Wow, this is serious. We have to be careful
Friday: Party at the club!! Fuck covid!

by Paul Pablo 2 weeks ago

I wanted to leave this comment after hearing this guy say that the ventilator will kill you if you go on it. I'm a respiratory therapist, and have worked in some of the biggest ICU's in Chicago and have helped intubate countless patients in the last eleven years. COVID19, pneumonia and many different lung diseases create an infection that your body has to fight with antibodies and medicine inside of your lungs. What ends up happening during this fight of the infection is your lungs develop a sort of scar tissue and become calloused; so instead of your lungs being healthy air pockets, they instead become stiff damaged sponges that make it horribly difficult to breathe and get oxygen into your blood stream. At that point, some docs have no choice but to start mechanical ventilation, but vents don't work very well when your lungs are super jacked up. It's very much like pumping air into a brick. Sometimes, the pressure from the vent is too great so the healthy portions of your lungs sometimes pop like a balloon and make the situation even more dire. Food for thought

by Edgar Chavez 2 weeks ago

In Joe's head everyone calls up their vitamin drip guy after a long weekend

by JayUppercase 2 weeks ago

He should of had Elon Musk and Michael Yo on the same show. And see Joes head explode after trying to decide who’s side to pick🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

by Robert Plancarte 2 weeks ago

This show is laughing at the virus one guest, and sharing emotional stories of how dangerous it is the next

by danny T 2 weeks ago

Michael: I thought I was going to die, and not see my wife and kids

Joe: Did they put you on a ventilator?

by Rahul Kanjani 2 weeks ago

Michael: even though I'm healthy it got to me

Joe: do u think dead lifting could've helped?

by Hamad Salah 2 weeks ago

Four days later Rogan says "not a big deal". Open the country. He tries to have it both ways.

by moderatesunited 2 weeks ago

" if there was a eject button on life, I might've hit it". That put his whole situation in perspective for me.

by hoaxone 845 1 week ago

Joe's talking like aspirin isn't an NSAID, meanwhile this dude was taking 3 aspirin every 3 hours, I'm surprised he didn't get a brain haemorrhage

by Eric Knijnenburg 2 weeks ago

“Lets break this down” after he literally just broke it down lol

by Rameee 2 weeks ago

What Michael had to say was so interesting, especially about ventilators.

by Brooklyn RobotWorks 2 weeks ago

I can relate with everything he said about feeling like he could've hit an eject button. I felt just like that. There was also one night that my husband sat up holding my hand because I was so sick & had the "impending doom" feeling. I felt like I was breathing through a wet sponge. They originally couldnt admit me because my WBC count was so low they were afraid I'd pick something else up if I were admitted (which I was told could be fatal.)
Honestly, I still get choked up when talking about it. It comes out of nowhere.
I am still having issues with my liver (which became inflamed during the virus.) I think we will see damage to organs in the years to come because of it.

by Gladys Kravitz 2 weeks ago

Finally, an episode where he doesn't tell the guest every 3 minutes that Michael Yo had Coronavirus

by Colin Rose 3 weeks ago

His gasping for air story almost gave me a panic attack.

by ilikevideos 2 weeks ago

Is anybody else getting shortness of breath while watching this

by Average Savage 2 weeks ago

I’m over Joe’s non-expertise on this. Worse than Stephen A Smith talking mma

by Tom 2 weeks ago

"there's a big difference between aspirin and ibuprofen, ibuprofen is a non steroidal anti inflammatory"
they're both NSAIDs joe.

by Sami Mk 2 weeks ago

“Did Wendy Williams on the 9th”

He’s lucky he didn’t catch something a hell of a lot worse than COVID

by Joe Exotic 2 weeks ago

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