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6 Muslims vs 1 Secret Non-Muslim

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Jubilee photo 1 6 Muslims vs 1 Secret... Jubilee photo 2 6 Muslims vs 1 Secret... Jubilee photo 3 6 Muslims vs 1 Secret... Jubilee photo 4 6 Muslims vs 1 Secret...

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by Sayonara 2 months ago

“I don’t eat pork”
Erin: that’s not vegan

by Zayra Vazquez 1 month ago

Bro I’m a Christian and even I knew that Muslims don’t fast while on their period

by Brianna Ramos 2 weeks ago

Everyone: doesn’t vote mole out
Everyone: when mole steps forward
Everyone: Ughh! I knew it! I knew it!

by gracie 3 weeks ago

I’m so tired of seeing contestants suspect someone just because they ask a lot of questions 😭 if no one is asking the questions how are you supposed to dig deeper and find the mole??? 💀

by Danielle T 2 months ago

When that girl didnt say PERIODS are an exception during Ramadan, I knew she was the mole.

by Deniz 2 weeks ago

Ziana: wears an eye necklace


by Kax B 2 weeks ago

Who else is watching in Ramadan? It’s the first day of Ramadan in my country it’s 2020 right now Edit: Thank you so much for 240 likes!

by Memo 3 weeks ago

Just because he went to a catholic school doesnt mean he is not muslim i went to an islamic school and i had a hindu friend attend that school

by naiem zamdin 1 week ago

Intro: “Don’t put all muslims in a box”
Jubilee: Puts muslims in a literal box

by Tamara Turner 2 months ago

I know my grandfather converted to MUSLIM
Me: and there is the liar

by Yahya Ben Ali 3 weeks ago

Whenever they lose they’re always like, “I knew it” then why didn’t u vote them out lmfao 😡

by Lamek Ainimariam 2 weeks ago

Why whenever Islam is mentioned people think about a country ending with "-stan". Islam is a religion that people choose to worship Allah only and to follow the rules of Islam, which are basically doing what is right and avoiding sins like stealing, hurting, cursing/swearing, etc. You can belong to any race if you are a Muslim. In fact, one of the Islamic rules is not to differentiate between people and everyone is equal. That's how slavery ended in the Arabic countries before it even starts in the western regions.

It's so simple. Stop complicating everything!

by Moustafa219 - SilverDam 1 month ago

Al-Baab- we get put in a box
Al-Baab 2 seconds later: she’s half white she can’t be Muslim.

by Jude Xavier 1 month ago

“She was half white so it seemed pretty obvious”. This is what we call ignorance

by F TECH 2 months ago

Jazmyn: " Im half white and half Pakistani"

Erin: " THATS NOT VEGAN !!!!"

by Sheraz Ahmed 1 month ago

"Everybody Read Al-fatihah, Say 2 Syahadat Phrase, And Say How To Shalat/Pray"

Zainah : Ohhh Ffffuuu-

by Batmanuk1810 1 month ago


by Adna H 6 days ago

Do one where everyone is a mole but they think that they are the only one! Or, something else similar to that would be good too, like 6 people lying and one telling the truth.

by Ellen Jarrard 2 weeks ago

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