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Legends Never Die #LLJW

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Legends Never Die. 7/10. #LLJW🕊


Juice WRLD photo 1 Legends Never Die #LLJW Juice WRLD photo 2 Legends Never Die #LLJW Juice WRLD photo 3 Legends Never Die #LLJW Juice WRLD photo 4 Legends Never Die #LLJW

"Everybody stay positive no matter how negative life gets."
-Juice WRLD
We all know getting into an addiction at first is good but eventually it kills you😢

by Ammoh 9 hours ago

Juice was gonna be so much more than a legend was really his WRLD and he had all the talents it takes to be a musician mastered 💯 and theres nothin worse than wasted talent 💔😖🤦🏽‍♂️

by SoLoValid 9 hours ago

I love how his label isn’t selling him out like x’s label

by ¿Missing N0¿ 9 hours ago

"“Don’t cry because he died”.“Be happy because he was born”.

Out of all the people that ever lived we managed to live when Juice did

by Sebastian Katz 7 hours ago

He’s trying to say to “Drain out the bad energy”

by iice Switch 6 hours ago

This clip of him gives me the chills, no matter how many times I play it back..

by landon morgan 7 hours ago

Man lets get all His songs on the Album over 5 million break records for this legend❣️

by Ukitoz 6 hours ago

I really can’t look at him it’s hard to believe that he is gone

by Sxcred Jones 7 hours ago

I can’t believe he’s dead for six months 🖤🖤🖤999

by Koen Eggink 7 hours ago

"Momma told me I look happy, I told her clean her glasses"
-Juice WRLD

by aoaoaoaoao 6 hours ago

The goal isn’t to live forever but to make something that lasts forever

by Sebastian Katz 8 hours ago

"Sometimes i wanna take myself
and break myself"-Juice wrld

by soheil_ ouu 9 hours ago

Juice could've kept everything he was dealing with silent but he chose to let us in on his personal struggles in order to help those with their own problems. LEGENDS NEVER DIE

by LITO BC 9 hours ago

I love how people come to the comments and start Arguing. Like can't we just have this in peace... We're already hurting

by Grace A 7 hours ago

Gotta admit yourself
You need some help
I gotta admit myself
I'm on these drugs
Feel like I cant save myself
Sometimes I want to take myself
And break myself
So I can reshape myself
Nobody ever felt the pain I felt
So I share it
Put it out to the whole world
I ain't embarrassed

by Logan 8 hours ago

“Sometimes I wanna take myself, break myself so I can reshape myself”

by Anklez_2k 9 hours ago

I listened to juice for 3 years now and It felt like somebody in my family died... This is truly heartbreaking for me and lots of people around the WRLD like you guys


by Connor wtf 4 hours ago

If he would have been allive, he would've become the biggest artist of our time.! His music will live forever. Thank you Jarad Higgins for being here!💔

by Rey2702 8 hours ago

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