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NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V

JYP Entertainment photo 1 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 2 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 3 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 4 NiziU  『Make you happy』...

This is only a pre-debut and they’re slaying it. If yall haven’t watch the Nizi Project I suggest you go do so to see how much work these girls putting in to become NiziU. Fighting NiziU, hit us like boom boom boom, make us happy and feel like we’re beyond the rainbow because we’re all stars. 🌈

by DanMan 20 minutes ago

This is TWICE’s sister literally

by Ada Rhee 30 minutes ago

Lol there’s some salty people who already feel threatened by a merely predebut group. Yeah, I understand they will be the next big thing so must be so bitter right? lol JYPnation let’s support our babies. Please don’t worry this is the company who created legends girlgroups from Wonder Girls, Miss A, Twice, Itzy and now Niziu. I’m sure the babies will follow their seniors path :)

by Sunshine Light 21 minutes ago

When Nina sees Jyp there is only one expression on her face:
-I'm disgusted 🤢

by Catalina García 22 minutes ago

Ok but Nina’s disgusted face when JYP falls over, was hilarious

by ryujin luv 32 minutes ago

JYP is singer, producer, song writer, have his own his record company JYP entertainment, and actor, making artists like Twice and Day 6, and I want to say congratulations to a new group NiziU. from Japan to be part of JYP family.

by Stacy Wiley 32 minutes ago

Nina looking at JYP when he fell is a full on mood

by Carolyn Kookie 30 minutes ago

NiziU: Tell me Like OOH-AHH FANCY me do not be ICY im so hot
me: cries

by I.M. not your son 23 minutes ago

i love how they put their names in the beginning and made us sure we know who's singing what part because it's easier for us to remember their names and match it with their voices

by mattxmendi 33 minutes ago

lmao i still cant believe that this is a PREDEBUT. their already so talented even tho they havent debuted yet, time for another group to stan.

by ramen noodles 24 minutes ago

The fun part of JYP is when he works with his artists and makes them feel comfortable in their Mv’s

by Michelle Geegee 28 minutes ago

Line Music Top 100 - Japan, June 30:
1 - NiziU - Make you happy
2 - NiziU - Baby I'm a star
3 - NiziU - Bom Bom Bom
Congrats on Debut !!!!!

by alberto tanaami 20 minutes ago

I am Once, who is also, like me, support our babies.

by Pedrotty 24 minutes ago

I'm honestly so proud of them especially nina ever since her audition i fell in love with her vocals overall they are all amazing young women 💜💜💜✨✨✨Stan NiziU

by Wendy XX 22 minutes ago

It’s cute but why does it look like Japanese version of Likey MV with Japanese versions of each Twice Members?

by JKWongFuCommunityHiga 30 minutes ago

Estoy impresionado con este nuebo grupo, las chicas son lindas y sus voces son muy especiales... sin duda apartir de hoy las sigo :)

Me gusto la cancion, es buena para estos momentos malos :'D

by Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 666 32 minutes ago

Omg Rima starting the song is just too perfect to handle.

by K-Covers 23 minutes ago


I need NiziU!!

by AAA U 34 minutes ago


by マルムシ 26 minutes ago

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