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HEY FAM!!! I hope you guys love this video!! We're answering questions you guys asked on my YouTube community section! Let me know if you have questions below and I'll totally answer them for you guys!!!! Also I have to say thank you so much for recreating my finale look and tagging me - your recreations and your stories are so powerful so thank you soo much!!!!!.
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Kailin Chase photo 1 UPDATED FINALE LOOK + INSTANT... Kailin Chase photo 2 UPDATED FINALE LOOK + INSTANT... Kailin Chase photo 3 UPDATED FINALE LOOK + INSTANT... Kailin Chase photo 4 UPDATED FINALE LOOK + INSTANT...

I’m so happy she became friends with Ashley and they still talk. I could tell they definitely had a strong connection.

by Amber FFTFOMSICHTS 2 weeks ago

To the random person who likes this comment... u will have clear skin

by Syd Stan 2 weeks ago

Kind of worried I will hate the people in the next season because they won’t be you guys lol.

by Mariah Ponchot 2 weeks ago

This trend was literally the best thooooo

by Camryn Picken 2 weeks ago

the fact that Kailin immediately hugged and celebrated when Ashley won, i was like, i need a friend like that.. congratulating friends for their achievements, love it..

also congrats to you too! you and ashley are my favorites! like legit omg🥰😍

by kylitooo. oo 2 weeks ago

“I have been told that I am naïve” me: I think you mean... NIEVE. only people who watched the finale will understand lmao

by Nicky Hayeck 2 weeks ago

I feel like Benny would be the one to “spill tea” just for clout 😂

by May Lizz 1 week ago

When they showed Ashley crying when you were explaining your look... That made me start lol. You have that rare combination of beauty, talent and a magnetic personality. I loved how you both were so supportive of each other. Glad we've found out new generation of new beauty influencers 😘

by D L 1 week ago

I was rooting for Kailin to win the entire show, sad she didn’t win but happy for Ashley!

by jade 1 week ago

There really were no losers in “Instant Influencer”, you get much more recognition than before, even if you didn’t win.
-Love ya💞

by Jay B. 2 weeks ago

Ashley was always amazing from the beginning and stayed like that till the end. However, you grew so much more. He always judged on the challenges but on the last one I think you should’ve won

by KGcrazy 1 week ago

Can we talk about how Kailin's look is already a trend

By the way I'm a big fan

by Queen Ella 2 weeks ago

Dont throw out your earrings just because someone else doesn't like them D:

by J K 2 weeks ago

This better be a trend because Kailyn is definitely SERVING

by XIAN C. 2 weeks ago

Honestly I’m really late, but when I was looking at the final looks I thought you won! Then I realized that Ashley definitely would win, since she won the most challenges. I’m so glad that you made it to the finale! You were my favorite on the show out of everyone! I always thought you were so beautiful since the first time I saw you! Your an inspiration to me, although I’m not that much into makeup lol.

by Kittyover9000 2 weeks ago

Keep forgetting that I no longer need to scroll all the way down 😂

by Claire Jaramba 2 weeks ago

Honey, I honestly don’t think you owe James Charles your career. Maybe just a part of it.

by Isaac Rivero 2 weeks ago

When you talked about the mental abuse you've went through , i related so much . You aspire me to be a better person and help me to realize that i can get through whatever . I also looove you're energy . You're basically my role model .

by Datcute One 2 weeks ago

omg your journey throughout the show was so inspiring and effective, girl. i'm so proud of the way you transformed from the shy and relatable girl to confident, empowered, and self-assured character. your magical attitude is so contagious and i hope that you never stop what you're doing 💕

by unicorn taco 2 weeks ago

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