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Kevin James - YouTube Trailer

Kevin James photo 1 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer Kevin James photo 2 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer Kevin James photo 3 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer Kevin James photo 4 Kevin James - YouTube Trailer

It’s kinda cool to think that Kevin James might read this.

by Oskar Norborg 1 month ago

this trailer isn't for us. it's for the people sleeping on him.

by Brianna Valencia 1 month ago

“Hey guys Kevin James here. Thank you all for 10 million subscribers”-Said by Kevin James in the later future.

by MDGamerHits 1 month ago

When he pulled the gun on Will, I felt my inner "Mall Cop" unleash

by Fisher Robinson 1 month ago

Kevin James just exposed the entire industry.
He showed us that with good production you can make very bad content, that doesn’t make any sense, look like some Oscar nominated work product.

When I saw that Bologna sandwich video, I wanted to eat it more than anything Gordon Ramsey cooks :) It’s fascinating.

by KuTSpaM 1 month ago

I am convinced that Kevin James deserves an award for this YouTube channel.

by Lord Motorsports 1 month ago

Everyone here keeps pretending it's Kevin James who actually makes the short films into what they are? Yes, he is an excellent actor, yes, he probably has a lot (all?) of the input on the writing, but the thing that makes this pure gold is the production quality of the Kinnane Brothers company. Hats off to BOTH of these.. Don't forget the unsung heroes like the sound guys!!

by retro-spill.blogspot.com 1 month ago

“All I ever wanted was to make people smile”. -Kevin James

by ibudddz 1 month ago

He finally admits his been bald even since “king of queens” that toupee wasn’t fooling anyone.

by IncogNieto 1 month ago

RIP Jerry Stiller “Arthur” A legend has passed, will be remembered forever.

by Paul Considine 3 weeks ago

When he said “I just want a sound check, Mr. Gosling”... I cried

by Spotless Dancer 1 month ago

I am one of the hard of hearing on this site, and I rely on captions, and it would be so amazing if you could submit the work yourself or whatever it takes, so that I am not left with weird sentences. I love this channel and have been a fan of everything, and to have to second guess or ask someone for help in what was said in some of these shorts kinda sucks. I will still continue watching if there isn't a captions guy on this channel because the content is just that good.

by Tyler Chocker 3 weeks ago

remember the guy who made all those fake trailers for movies?
This is him now.
feel old yet?

by Glow Arts 1 week ago

Mr James, this channel is THE best thing that happend this year.

by Faraboot 1 month ago

When are we getting a King of Queens movie? Real Talk

by Mr. Smith 1 month ago

I kept seeing the sound guy in my recommendations but never realized it was Kevin James smh needless to say I just watched and liked every video on the channel

by Ricardo Jo 1 month ago

Kevin James is a man we don’t deserve but we got

by Max Twee 1 month ago

This channel feels really organic, like Kevin James is really just enjoying making these

by KreuzritterK 1 month ago

Man Kevin, you did it again!
You just put a smile on me (and probs on tons other faces 😂). From the times I watched you in King of Queens until now in all it's moments, you are just you, I guess.
Funny and real. Thanks for sharing your moments with us. Carry on with what you like to do. Your call has been heard and love comes back a thousand times.
Thanks. Oh, and by the way, damn neat trailer and production quality. Love it!!

by MOHji 1 week ago

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the sound of Scorsese quaking in his boots cause of this pure master craft.

by C L 1 month ago

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