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Disturbing details reveal what happened to Vanessa Guillen the night she disappeared from Fort Hood

KHOU 11 photo 1 Disturbing details reveal what happened... KHOU 11 photo 2 Disturbing details reveal what happened... KHOU 11 photo 3 Disturbing details reveal what happened... KHOU 11 photo 4 Disturbing details reveal what happened...

These two Murdered Vanessa in the Armory on base and “no one knew anything”, I’m not buying it!

by Heather Metz 13 hours ago

So ur telling me this man killed Vanessa because he was afraid she would rat him out for having an affair with a married woman???? No way in hell am I buying that.

by yesenia galvan 12 hours ago

Where is that other boy. Why the news ain’t showing him. His family trying to put him in the military graveyard.

by xmoney 3456 12 hours ago

Not buying this story. It’s a distraction from the truth.

by CCWattsLA 13 hours ago

But they keep finding more bodies. There is more than meets the eye. Something bigger is going on at the base

by smoking corvette 12 hours ago

This doesn't even make sense, these two probably took part but someone else did this too! I hope pressure is being put on everyone at fort hood.

by Hoydogge 12 hours ago

As a father of 2 young women not much older than Vanessa Guillen my heart aches for her family. Just terrible.💔😭

by G Money 13 hours ago

He killed her because she rejected him when he tried to make a move.

by Wil Morales 12 hours ago

Everything is a lie what about the Sargent who sexually harassed her

by Señora Timberlake 12 hours ago

So he killed her because she was going to allegedly snitch on him for having an affair with that married ugly red headed thing? Why would she care? There's more to this madness. RIP Vanessa

by roxxylala26 12 hours ago

there's more people behind this, what really happened? God I pray to you that you do real justice for vanessa Guillen.

by Vick F 12 hours ago

And we're supposed to believe the other guy missing being found near by is a coincidence

by DIGITAL SILVER 12 hours ago

WHO CALLED HER TO GO IN ON HER DAY OFF??? Does this kid have the authority to tell her to come in..seriously doubt it! Let's you know someone higher is involved


by Monique Stone 12 hours ago

There is no way you can murder someone, fill the room with blood, put in a container and nobody noticing anything , no, way

by marianella Jeffcoat 13 hours ago

Sounds like the real plot and reason for Lavena Johnson’s brutal murder. And a cover -up for Vanessa murder. She mention a Sargent . I have not forgot. That!

by Tamera Bonner 11 hours ago

Only a sheep would believe this story. Classic Army negligence, erasing all incriminating evidence...

by cryinglowkey 13 hours ago

Her mother and family said per Vanessa that she was being sexually harassed by A Sargent. Then apparently a Non Sargent kills her because she was going to report him for having possible relations with another person??? Why in the world would she care?!? Sounds like an excuse for The Sargent. No credible information that she was being sexually harassed. Okay.. What about the prositution raids a couple years ago IN Fort Hood? Then Another Fort Hood soilder goes missing for a year and they barely find him when they are pushing for Vanessa's justice.. Why would anyone believe this?

by Reyes Rodriguez 12 hours ago

There’s no way this girl was going to be afraid of two people like these two people. It was something bigger that scared her, I think a group intimidated her and told her to keep her mouth shut.

by Miryam Hernandez 12 hours ago

I don’t think she would even say she will report them and get them into trouble. Especially someone who try to harass her. I know he try to do something to her and she fought back ...he went crazy and decided to kill her. Aaron then ask his girlfriend for help.

by Mindy Vee 13 hours ago

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