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BET Awards 2020 | REVIEW

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Roddy Rich is the first to perform and was lipsynching for his life. Amanda Seales is the host and jokes were flat like Alica Keys' voice according to Twitter. Khloe & Halle gave everything in their performance. Megan Thee Stallion owned the night with her Mad Max-style performance. D Smoke and Sir did a good job. Da Baby's performance was something we didn't need to see with that visual but the song was nice.
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ROddy Rich is a colorist. He hates black women therefore I cannot support him. I cannot support someone who hates me, and that on Period.

by ugochi U 4 days ago

I like roddy but I’m a black woman and I can’t overlook his colorist comments all I need is a statement to confirm what you stand for

by janiah 4 days ago

I believe Amanda was honoring past BET shows, and that's why she brought up Teen Summit, Comic View, and Video Soul.

by Ashley Cunningham 4 days ago

Roddy Rich is a colorist and although that beautiful black woman was dancing during his set, it was a form of pandering in my opinion

by Tenay Love 4 days ago

Honestly the virtual performances were better than live ones. Each performer got to pick their own venue and create a vibe tailored to their music. It was cute and creative! They may wanna keep the concept even post pandemic 👀

by Olivia B 4 days ago

I actually paid no time for the BET Awards because I honestly never cared for it. Sorry....😬

by Devonté Dawson 4 days ago

The last good bet awards was when Monique did her Beyoncé dance and Patti Labelle doing her tribute to Prince but over half of the celebrities are not for black people period!

by Goddesses of Tarot 4 days ago

They’re normalizing trauma with the reenactments

by Sidney H 4 days ago

Marsai is a teenager. People are doing too much and shouldn’t be dragging her for her appearance. Sis was unbothered and I’m here for it.

by michael tolbert 4 days ago

Since BET is acting so woke, they should have given the Humanitarian award to Collin Kaepernick if that's the case. Just my two cents

by Jameelah Barnett 4 days ago

Amanda Seales is too serious to be funny. Not sure why she is considered a comedian

by Lauren Kelley 4 days ago

Megan DID THAT. I really really enjoyed her performance. Chloe x Halle were fabulous. I enjoyed Roddy Ricch. And, yes, Cita shoulda hosted it or at least been an awards presenter. I liked Amanda tho. 🤷🏾‍♀️

by Suspishus 4 days ago

I stopped watching BET when it became WET ...and when Caribbean rhythms, teen summit, rap city, Video Soul with Donnie Simpson, Cita Baby the cartoon and that show that showed the freaky videos after midnight that my parents wouldn't let us watch until they went to sleep..lol God I miss the 90s......I miss those BET days 💯

by MsPia1980 4 days ago

I agree that the movement is being commercialized. I think the artist need to understand it's okay to be creative and be themselves, just speak up and represent when necessary. I also agree that we don't need to constantly see traumatizing images.

by didibjones 4 days ago

DSMOKE and Anderson Paak were the only males they gave me a good performance but I always have my own personal concert when Sir and dsmoke and their family performs that’s good music right there now

by janiah 4 days ago

If BET really wanted to do something, they could’ve used the commercial time to give free advertising to Black businesses/organizations in the country! 🤷🏽‍♀️

by ALUSHIEE VLOGS 4 days ago

I was here for it, they tried they best. They should keep the virtual pre recorded performances. Theres more options for creativity at a better quality. Loved Jennifer Hudson's performance congrats to everyone who won an award. But I do miss that damn Audience 😂💜

by Sarah Michel 4 days ago

BET looked like it did when it was in the in 80"s and 90"s where the commercials were black too..But it was done with class,...They overdosed us on us because they are GUILTY FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE . They are hiring lots of non blacks..to writer materials ...you hit the nail on the head 🔥...

by lovebeingblack V 4 days ago

It was a commercial and black excellence funeral for real.

by RUNWAYBEAUTY 4 days ago

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