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NBA "High IQ" MOMENTS highlights some of the smartest plays in NBA History. It includes players such as LeBron James, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook and many more basketball geniuses!
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Who do you guys think is the smartest player in the NBA 🤔

by KingSwish 2 months ago

This channel is goated. The videos have high quality and there’s no long ass intro or ad for phone cases😂

by Julian Manalang 2 months ago

“How does he know to touch pass that to Anthony Davis?”

because he saw him?

by dxni3L. 2 months ago

We should get that “banggg” commentator on 2k😭😂💯

by Xoticclouds 2 months ago

Seriously how many times did LeBron appears in this video
LeBron is insane man

by Fregital 1 month ago

Do low IQ moments lol it’ll be like shaqtin

by Anonymous 2 months ago

when you realize how far you scrolled to find this comment

by -Miles- 1 month ago

is like a globetrotters play 😂

by NextepsYT _ 2 months ago

Bruh even the ref knew what was going on lol

by aditya 1 month ago

"Jersey Untucked!"
"Jersey Untucked!"
"Look at the jersey!!"
-Angry Chris Paul 2020

by Emmylou fumera norton 2 months ago

the high IQ moment here was the cameraman zooming into Doc on that play.

by Jonathan Constant 2 months ago

Lebron killed his opponent and then dodged oncoming fire.

by Chisa Dickerson 2 months ago

CP3 whole career should be in this video

by Joshua Rao 2 months ago

"How does he know to touch pass that to Anthony Davis"

Lmao some commentators can be dumb sometimes.

by the one 2 months ago

even spectators fell for this.

by jnamikaze23 2 months ago

Lebron: “Thats for the chip you costed me”

by Tyler Godfrey 2 months ago

they were just playin around 😂 that was so easy for them having the big 4

by Garrett Owen 1 month ago

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