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Culinary 411 - Basic Knife Skills

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Lockdown day 4 - learning how to cut veggies

by Rupesh Sahu 2 months ago

How to cut a tomato:
Step 1: Throw away the tomato

by DerLamer 2 weeks ago

Just imagine the amount of food wasted after people learning these lessons

by Stigmarus 3 weeks ago

Let's be honest here.

You didn't search for this video.

by Juicy Juice 3 weeks ago

Me: reading comments while watching. Waiting for the tomatoes part. Wish me luck!

by Marvyn Jason 1 week ago

Recipe: Add two large chopped tomatoes.

This guy: Your probably gonna need 8 with my cutting style.

Me: 🖕 (with my only tomato left during lockdown)

by lo del 2 weeks ago

I am a chef as well, and I would bust someone’s ass if they threw away that much of the pepper or the damn insides of the tomato. Guy where the hell did you get your culinary papers from? This was the hardest thing to watch today.

by Heather 5 days ago

Such wastefulness!! The fibrous part of ginger and literally all of the tomato should and must be used!

by matstivi 3 weeks ago

So proud to see all my tomato people showing out in the comments.

by Seated Demon 2 weeks ago

Don't ever throw away the center of a tomato. In Italy you would get jailed.

by cndvd 2 months ago

All fruits: Slice/ Dice Carefully
Tomato: Toss into trash inconsiderately..

by Tee Grishim 3 weeks ago

are we just gonna ignore the fact that he caught that green pepper so smooth with the no look at

by Anders G 2 weeks ago

I've been holding a knife wrong for over three decades

by snoozieboi 1 week ago

This guy: Cuts tomato
Literally everyone: Balls fist
Italians: Angry boppity boopities in the distance

by Eddy Maldo 1 week ago

Wtf that guy is throwing away the whole damn tomatoe

by Ody 1 month ago

Me after watching: “why did i waste my time on this?” Me after reading the comments after watching: “I feel proud to be apart of this community”

by Ryan Henderson 2 days ago

youtube:lets recommend this 8 year old video to everyone

by Vodka Man 2 weeks ago

Probably should include sharpening the knife. 90% of home chefs go at their food with a thin piece of metal, not a sharpened blade.

by jacob carolan 2 weeks ago

This video should be titled "How to throw away half of your vegetables".

by Maksim Vucetic 3 years ago

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