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John Mclaughlin,U Srinivas,Zakir Hussain,V Selvaganesh,Mahadevan- Jazz a Vienne

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The 5 Peace band- John McLaughlin (guitar), U Srinivas (Mandolin), Zakir Hussain (Tabla), V Selvaganesh (Ghatam),S Mahadevan (Vocals) perform live in Vienna. Note: This is the remember shakti lineup + S Mahadevan. The songs they play are: Caruna, Ma No Pa, Sakhi,and Giriras Sudha.

ktroxie photo 1 John Mclaughlin,U Srinivas,Zakir Hussain,V Selvaganesh,Mahadevan-... ktroxie photo 2 John Mclaughlin,U Srinivas,Zakir Hussain,V Selvaganesh,Mahadevan-... ktroxie photo 3 John Mclaughlin,U Srinivas,Zakir Hussain,V Selvaganesh,Mahadevan-... ktroxie photo 4 John Mclaughlin,U Srinivas,Zakir Hussain,V Selvaganesh,Mahadevan-...

48:18 genius! the cut off one note each time making the run shorter and shorter till it just ends. hahah

by TruthSurge 6 years ago

So sad to note that U Srinivas on the mandolin passed away yesterday in Chennai, India. RIP Srinivas, you will will sorely missed but never forgotten.

by Vaidyanathan Veeraraghavan 5 years ago

The more I listen to this, the more it becomes absorbed into my DNA.

by 1blastman 1 year ago

Thanks! I have written the beginning of each piece as I was listening:
Introduction of musicians
Giriras Sudha

by tony deAraujo 3 years ago

I am confused, is this a music show or magic show. RIP Srinivas

by Cool Kid 5 years ago

what a wonderful combination, never before .It is so faaaaantaaastic.I deeply regret the sad demise of legend U.Srinivas.But he will live forever with his mandoline in everybody's heart of hearts.May his soul rest in Mandoline.

by sankara murthy 4 years ago

To you who originally uploaded this, Blessings & Thanks!

by Curtis Page 5 years ago

Zakir Hussain looks a wee bit like Jimmy Page.

by Sreejith 3 years ago

All are maestros....the great U. Sriniwas is no more. I've had the pleasure of seeing them ( Shakti ) live 3 times.

by Naresh Modi 4 years ago

Great music - tremendous performances - horrendous filming. Show the band in a wide shot working together at least once maybe.Closeups of faces and hands forever is really tedious.

by Kevin Bud Jones 4 years ago

Camera had very little coverage on U Srinivas ....

by Ashanka Sen 4 years ago

They seem to be deliberately avoiding showing U Shrinivas on the camera. Not sure why.

by nevertheless123 6 years ago

I love Shakti. Incredible music and performance, sheer creativity and the power that shows how music can transcend and fuse so beautifully in terms of culture are only side issues which are overshadowed by the beauty and majesty of this great spirit of music, which "speaks the unspeakable" and allows you to be transparent to the transcendent.

by James Zaworski 4 years ago

This is Magic beyond words. Love and respect from

by Neo 1 3 years ago

freaking amazing!!!
tears of joy and of admiration for their humbleness.
we need more human beings like these.

by daFonsecable 4 years ago

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