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Mama Mode (Sicko Mode Parody)

Kyle Exum photo 1 Mama Mode (Sicko Mode Parody) Kyle Exum photo 2 Mama Mode (Sicko Mode Parody) Kyle Exum photo 3 Mama Mode (Sicko Mode Parody) Kyle Exum photo 4 Mama Mode (Sicko Mode Parody)

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by Kyle Exum 1 year ago

If this is grey, you are gay (Edit) No uno reverse cards!

by Pure Cringe 7 months ago

That’s the best schedule ever.. dealing with annoying siblings and the study of memes!!!

Thanks For The Likes

by DJ Blue Bandana 2 weeks ago

Teacher: The bell don’t dismiss you, I do!

Me: Then the bell don’t decide when I arrive

by Fish_Noodles 345 2 weeks ago

Mom: yells ur full name
coffin dance meme: allow me to introduce myself

by Daniel Aguilar 1 week ago

Kyle got a B in lunch...


by Lila Ashton 11 months ago

Who also has a mom that blames electronics for every mistake?

by Mynamejeffyturtle 1 week ago

Report card:
If no one else noticed

by bts army 4 days ago


Absolutley no one:

Him: Gets a B in lunch

by FlyingDragon 2 weeks ago

I don’t know what school this man is attending, but I can safely say he’s passing the classes he’ll be needing.

by Ben [Redacted] 1 week ago

The person reading this is the most loving person 😎👍

by alex x 1 year ago

When mother goes sicko mode when You get a “C”

by Tyler Vinci 1 week ago

We not gonna talk about how the report card spells “BAD AF”?

by Amaya Shuler 2 weeks ago

Big brother: pours milk before cereal gets ass whoopin

Little brother: tries to burns house down gets a cookie for trying

by Avery Bushy 2 weeks ago

Damn ur parents look exactly like you!

“tHaTs NoT hIs PaReNtS”

by Stative Grubby 1 year ago

My fav part is when hes like i tried to warn you

by Moufeed 2012 1 day ago

the teacher is reading how to make students struggle 101

by Mostafa Alami 6 days ago

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