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Meeting Your Girlfriend's Dad Be Like

Kyle Exum photo 1 Meeting Your Girlfriend's Dad Be... Kyle Exum photo 2 Meeting Your Girlfriend's Dad Be... Kyle Exum photo 3 Meeting Your Girlfriend's Dad Be... Kyle Exum photo 4 Meeting Your Girlfriend's Dad Be...

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by Kyle Exum 1 year ago

Dad: “First of all, you’re ugly”

Bold of the dad to say this when he looks exactly like Kyle

by ToxicSkull0 5 months ago

Plot twist:
Kyle doesn’t edit, he’s got a bunch of identical syblings

by BigPapa N.G 5 months ago

“Richer than lil tay”

For a second there i forgot who lil tay was

Best second of my life...

by AMK 5 months ago

Did someone notice that the boyfriend grab the phone and the phone is still there in the dad hand's

by FrostDemon 5 months ago

Yo did anyone else notice at the end, after the dude took his phone back, the dad still had it in the next frame?

by Matthew Mena 11 months ago

Dads when they go to restaurants:
Super nice
Dads when your friend comes over:
Dad jokes included but nice
Dads when the boyfriend visits:
Papa bear activated

by DrMontrays 2 weeks ago

"So, uh.... We still getting that pizza? "

That one moment when you realize your not getting the pizza... Sad.

by Daisy Aguilar 5 months ago

To date my daughter:

-Employed for at least 5 years
-In Possession of a PhD
-Richer than Lil Tay
-The Next Black Panther
-Michael B. Jordan.

Lmfao I died when I saw the list

by Dolphin Eater 3 months ago

girlfriend dads are the most confusing creatures ever

they have a tone that they hate you but they still treat you like a guest


or they are really like you but have the tone that they want you to die

by Corrupted Cam 5 months ago

my girlfriend's dad showed me his guns as a threat and then we talked about guns and hunting for a while because I live in the country and we became sort of friends and he thinks I'm a good kid, that was not expected.

by Kaiser 5 months ago

"Well I guess you're a man without a plan" 1 second later: Watch Dad's Plan

by SkubaFish 2 weeks ago

Dad: First of all you're ugly and I'm not dealing with ugly grand kids"
Kyle: 🙁

by Naomi Laki 3 months ago

The girl father: what are your intentions with my daughter young man
Kyle: why do I hear boss music

by Leo Vinchi 5 months ago

lol I love how when the dad is talking the backgrounds sunny.

However when the son talks. Its night time????

by Halfer 4 weeks ago

This made me think about someone, my brothers girlfriend dad died of cancer when she was 4, but if he was still alive, im sure he would be like this

by Crippling Depression 5 months ago

"I'll never let anything bad happen to her"
Girl: falls down*


by Gold Psycho 5 months ago

Dad: You're ugly.
Little while later*
the daughter looks exactly like him

by NatureStyle 1 year ago

I accidentally read this as “meeting your Dad’s girlfriend”

by Kwek 1 week ago

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