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Starbucks Be Like

#Lucid Dreams Parody #mama mode #Ariana Grande #Dad's Plan #Comedy
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Thanks for watching! 100,000 likes and I'll drop my next video! What was you guys' favorite part?

by Kyle Exum 1 year ago

"Did you know this stuff is 7 dollars" "they're having a sale?" Im dead😂😂

by Faith.B❤️ 1 year ago

why Isn't anybody talking about how when they were talking about Ariana Grande the cashier was like
Thank you, next?

by Micaella Aguirre 4 weeks ago

“Express yourself to the back of the line”

by alfa 1 month ago

Starbucks: what’s the name?
Me: Colin
Starbucks: How do you spell it?
Me: C O L I N
Starbucks: COLOGNE

by Pokemon Trainer 2 months ago

"What are you dunkin donuts? We dont do that in Starbucks."

That made me laugh so hard 😂

by CallumandHayden Collabs123 3 months ago

"Did you know they're charging $7 for this stuff?"

"Oh shoot! They're having a sale?"

by Resale Value 1 year ago

“Starbucks isn’t a drink, it’s a life style”

by Tomas Rodriguez 2 months ago

“Starbucks...? Imma have no bucks after this” 😂😂😂

by Daksha Mohan 1 month ago

I just realized that this guy made a career by talking to himself.

by yowawa wang 2 months ago

Starbucks: What’s your name?
Me: Alix A-L-I-X
Starbucks: order for Felicia
Me: looks around and no one comes
Starbucks: Oh that was meant for you ma’am
Me: Oh my name is Alix though are you sure it was for me?
Starbucks: OHHHH so sorry ma’am order for Madison
Starbucks: Chandler
Starbucks: Rachel
Me: ALIX!!!
Starbucks: Zöe
Me: IT’S ALIX!!!!
Starbucks: okay Miss Yasmine, please take your 100% water Frappuccino
Me: takes it
Starbucks: order for Alix
My friend Brad: IT’S BRAD!!!

by Alina’s Art Corner 2 weeks ago

I sent this to my cousin who works at a Starbucks.

She legit died cause she said this video is way too accurate.

by zσmσk вєαn 1 year ago

Mom: “We did a good job cleaning today.”
I felt all that frustration, from my own past

by Danielle Fields 2 weeks ago

Starbucks: What’s your name?

Elon Musk’s son: X Æ A-12

Starbucks: Ok David, wait over there.

by zyrox 6 days ago

Do YoU nOt SeE tHiS gReEn MeRmAiD!? That’s seven dollars right there

by Ashley James 2 weeks ago

Starbucks:hey, sir did you just dip that donut in your coffee
Customer: uh, yeah
Starbucks:get out

by Martins Richard 3 weeks ago

The part when his mom called him,he shouted 'yeah!' and she didn't shout back is so relatable it hurts

by Maariya Hussain 5 months ago

"We did a good job cleaning today"

Kyle: is that communism I smell?

by Pushan T 1 week ago

“Hey Starbucks isn’t a drink... it’s a lifestyle.”😂😂😂😂

by Chloe Vega 1 week ago

Kyle: *seven dollars for coffee*


by Malaki Fox 2 weeks ago

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